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Do dogs have belly buttons? Here are puppy tips for introverts and extroverts 🐾

Dogs and humans have a lot in common.

They are mammals, highly social, and unfortunately share most of our major diseases with us, from diabetes to cancer.

On the bright side, though, they also have belly buttons. Here are some interesting discoveries about your dog's belly button, an adorable old remnant of their puppyhood.

Why is a dog’s belly button smaller than a human’s?

You may be wondering why your dog's belly button is a shallow scar while yours is more… dimensional. Human belly buttons are more likely to come in different shapes and sizes, collect villi, and change with weight fluctuations, during pregnancy, and throughout life. However, a dog's belly button is usually simple and flat.

According to, a dog's belly button is just a simple scar because Their umbilical cords are smaller and narrower. A dog's gestation period is only about 60 days, so the puppy's umbilical cord only needs to be strong enough to sustain them with oxygen and nutrients for a month and a half. This is why a dog's belly button looks like a narrow slit.

Of course, if your dog has a lot of hair on their belly, their belly button will be harder to find. You might not even notice it unless you're really looking for it, or feeling a tiny, tell-tale knot with your fingertips.

Are dogs introverts or extroverts?

Most dogs have flat belly buttons and do not meet the criteria for introversion or extroversion. About 10% of people have an “outie,” a little fleshy protrusion above their belly button. This formation is random and is caused by the way the area heals shortly after birth.

However, some dogs have a Umbilical hernia. Usually, the opening called the umbilical ring heals completely and closes within a few days of birth. In some puppies, the ring does not close completely. As a result, a mass may form in which tissue or part of the intestine protrudes. This lump may close on its own, but if it does not, corrective surgery may be required.

What's wrong with my dog's belly button?

The cow's belly button, between the lipoma and her green line spray tattoo.

For a normal, healthy dog, the belly button is just a flat scar and nothing more.

My dog ​​”Cow” was neutered at the Humane Society so she has a green tattoo on her body to show that she has been neutered.

She also had a lump the size of an egg nearby. It was her lipoma, a benign tumor, and our veterinarian determined through suction that it contained only fat cells and not cancer. Unfortunately, its placement made her think she was male, but otherwise it didn't cause her problems.

If a lump suddenly appears on or around your dog's belly button, it may be a tumor and you'll need a vet check-up to make sure it's cancer-free.

one Umbilical hernia It usually appears soon after birth, and while it may not be an immediate cause for concern, it may eventually cause pain or complications for your dog, so you should ask your veterinarian if it should be removed.

Soon after birth, a puppy's belly button is an open wound, so if you are caring for a puppy, you need to keep the area clean. Use an antibacterial cleaner as directed by your veterinarian to prevent infection until it is completely healed. If any redness, oozing, or any other related symptoms occur, see your veterinarian immediately, as infection in the umbilical area may travel into your puppy's abdomen and may be fatal.

Are male and female dog belly buttons different?

Both male and female dogs have a belly button, located near the bottom of the ribcage between two rows of nipples. The genital area of ​​a male dog is located below the belly button and should not be confused.

How do I care for my dog's belly button?

Your dog's belly button doesn't require any special care except in the early puppy years. You should check your dog's belly regularly for lumps or lumps, as fatty lumps, breast cancer, and rashes can appear on their belly. You don't need to do anything to care for your dog's belly button other than being careful.

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