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Keep it green, protect the earth, save lives

"Keep Britain tidy", "Every trip will make a clicking sound," "Protect and survive". No matter how old we are, we can look back...

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10 ways to wear Harriet sweaters

The votes are in and Harriet sweater From mine ABLE series I was the winner of the week, so I shot an interesting...

Best dew highlight: Saie Glowy Super Gel

If I had five cents every time someone said "Oh my God, your skin is glowing", I would become a rich woman. Okay,...

I like autumn wardrobe items

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Like and like August 2021

Disclosure-Some featured products are news samples and I will mention the brand a little bit. These will be clearly marked with *. These few...

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Southeast Asian military buys jetpacks

An undisclosed Southeast Asian military customer has ordered two JB-12 JetPacks with a total value of US$800,000 from Los Angeles-based JetPack Aviation for...

Upcoming digital seminars and in-depth seminar series to support BIPOC business under the new normal

Authors: Leslie Lum and Judith PaquetteBellevue College There is a lot of discussion about the impact of the pandemic on startups. 2020 year 4.3...

Hesitation in the COVID-19 era

By Vivian NguyenNorthwest Asia Weekly Xie Lixia Sean Li Cheah comes from a medical professional family, and she has been surrounded by science and medical...

AAPIs faces a housing crisis

Maron MeyerNorthwest Asia Weekly Cecilia Yap (left) and Shirley Xu (right) are two HUD-certified housing consultants recently hired by Parkview Services. (Provided by...

“Shangzhi” breaks record with its premiere on Labor Day weekend

By Jack CoyleAP film writer New York (Associated Press)-One of the most sleepy weekends in traditional movies, the Marvel movie "Hisashi and the Legend...

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