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Buydeem Electric Double Boiler Review

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review – Cooking with steam is a very old method. This may not be the first time, but I’m sure it’s not long after we learned that throwing things over an open flame makes food tastier. Our current technology has brought this ancient method into modern kitchens in old and new forms: wok steamers, double steamers with rice baskets (my grandmother’s favorite way to make perfect rice!), rice cookers, and thinking about it today gadget, the Buydeem Electric double boiler. Delicious food is in my future!

what is it?

The Buydeem Electric Double Steamer is an electric double steamer system for slow cooking, steaming and other healthy food preparation methods.

What’s in the box?

The system I’m reviewing is actually two projects working together. The main unit is a single-deck steamer that includes:

  • Buydeem Electric Double Boiler Base Unit (Water Container and Heater)
  • steam riser
  • collection tray
  • steam rack
  • porcelain dinner plate
  • Riser for securing lid over food
  • cover
  • power cable

The second shipment contained the following:

  • second steamer
  • second steam tray
  • Two glass saucepans with glass lids
  • Shelf for the saucepan

Hardware Specifications

From product website

  • 5 SMART PROGRAMS ONE-TOUCH COOKING – This cooker has multiple functions, a steamer, saucepan, yogurt maker, sterilizer, defrost and baby food all in one. It is very convenient for you to live a healthy life.
  • TIMED FUNCTIONAL AND EASY OPERATION – This digital steamer produces steam quickly within 1 minute without leaking air or spraying water. It maintains the nutrition and freshness of food while maintaining cooking speed. The reservation to start function is very convenient, it is pre-programmed and you can dine at the time you want.
  • Automatic power-off protection – with double protection function. When the water level is low, the rice cooker will automatically pause and prompt you to add water. When there is no water, the power is automatically turned off and the pot will not burn.
  • Lightweight and Space-Saving – Weighing only 9.47 pounds, the cooker’s compact design doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen. Large capacity, can steam the whole fish without cutting the head and tail.
  • Durable and Satisfaction Guarantee – It’s made from food-grade materials and is FDA-approved to ensure a long lifespan. We offer 30 days money back and 1 year warranty. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Design and Features

The Buydeem Electric double boiler has a clever design. The cover on the heating element, which I call the steam lift core, limits the amount of water that can be heated at any one time. The steam from here is funneled to a baffle that makes it into the pantry. As the steam condenses and flows down, it’s collected by the rest of the baffle, so if any food comes out of the container (or if you’re steaming something directly on the steamer), it doesn’t go back into your water to make steam. This baffle can hold a lot of condensate/food-contaminated runoff.
The book contains recipes that come with the console, as well as more instructions for add-ons.This is Very Asian, so things like loofah and fish head I haven’t eaten, cooked or even seen in stores. I’m trying to eat healthier and this steamer can help, so we’ll see how it goes, but it will take some research. I don’t think I’ll find a loofah at Wegman’s.

set up

Setting up the Buydeem Electric double boiler is very simple. All parts except the heating unit are dishwasher safe, so they can run the dishwasher quickly to remove any debris from manufacturing and shipping. Putting the unit together is very intuitive and the manual has nice pictures. Place the steam riser core on the hot plate, slide the small side wings into place, rest on the baffle and steamer tray, and stack from there depending on the food you want.

First, I put a few sweetcorns on an empty plate and steamed for 30 minutes. perfect.

Next, I topped it with some uncooked rice, marinated pork loin, onion, celery, and spices on a porcelain plate. I put a little more liquid than the marinade and let the rice absorb. It took 90 minutes and I checked several times. When the water in the tank dries up, the unit beeps and keeps time. I add cold water through the small side flaps and it starts all over again once the water level is safe and the water is at temp. This meal was well done – much better than many other impromptu dinners I’ve had in the past, and probably healthier than the stir-fry I usually do with pork chops. I’ve repeated it a few times – it’s such a great meal for two that I have it for lunch the next day.


The Buydeem Electric double boiler performs flawlessly. The manual is helpful on how to program certain foods, but the internet has more on that. This steamer has a lot of parts, but it’s all in one except for a tray and power cord, but it’s not “compact” by any means. I like that it’s lightweight and easy to set up, and easy to clean up in most cases. The corn on the cob in my stockpot takes 15 minutes, and in this steamer, it takes 30 minutes, but I have a large pot of hot starch water to pour instead of half a cup in the steamer. I like steamed meat more than I thought, but I really need to do more research on how to make stews for my American taste. The difference between the steamed vegetables made in this setup and my old silicone or metal steamer inserts is noticeable. Food tastes richer due to lack of nutrients.

what do I like

  • easy to clean
  • Does not lose nutritional value like boiling or frying or even steaming directly
  • All parts put into one unit for storage

what would i change

  • It’s big (and bulky), but the portion it makes is small. However, I’m not sure we can go beyond the physics needed to design the steam around the container.
  • Well done recipe but could use some North American localization

final thoughts

While the Buydeem Electric double boiler performs as advertised, it won’t turn you into a pan-Asian chef overnight. This is a huge upgrade if you have a bamboo steamer or eat a lot of rice. This is a major upgrade to a steamer, double steamer or rice cooker. It won’t easily cook dinner for four, but it cooks a dish that it doesn’t cause much attention or worry about. For simmering, you have to “watch the stove”. With this, you really can’t “burn” the food. Automatic hold when the water level gets low means you can’t even boil the pot dry.

I love steamed veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and asparagus so I will have to add these to my diet. I’ve been cooking for myself for a while and needed a change. I’ll be back later to let you know how it goes. At the same time, this steamer will make things healthier.

price: $259.99
where to buy (this: walmart, Amazon, Buydeem online store
resource: This product sample is provided by Buydeem.

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