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Expanding life support –

Expansion stagnation, EU governments Reluctantly agree Join the common strategy of six promising member states-Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia.

The new Bulgarian government appears to be open Turn page Negotiations with North Macedonia on language and historical disputes led to Sofia’s firm rejection of Skopje’s entry into the European Union.On the one hand, Bulgarian President Radev suggested that the country change its constitution again.

The fate of Albania is closely related to the outcome of the Macedonian process, and it has also been left in the EU waiting room. Some, Including Bulgaria, Suggesting that Tirana’s EU progress should be decoupled from North Macedonia. This may cause more trouble to Skopje.

At the same time, the accession negotiations with Montenegro and Serbia are progressing slowly, if any, these two processes are considered to be the front runners of the process.

Podgorica began its accession negotiations with the European Union in 2012. During the negotiations, all the topics under discussion, called chapters, were opened, but only three ended.

On the other hand, Serbia manage Four new chapters were opened after two years of shelving, focusing on sustainability. However, many problem The government’s commitment to democracy.

Another obstacle to Serbia’s accession is its dialogue with Kosovo to find a legally binding comprehensive settlement agreement and normalize relations. This is a prerequisite for the two countries’ accession.

Currently, the talks Nowhere to go. floating idea about Possible unity Kosovo and Albania only have Bound to The relationship between Belgrade and Pristina has deteriorated further.At the same time, Kosovo’s dissatisfaction with Brussels is in the EU’s Failed to deliver Regarding the visa exemption commitment.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, because there is no better word, it’s a mess.

The next few months will see whether the country will disintegrate after the Serb-dominated Republic of Serbia (RS) adoption The roadmap for exiting the joint key agencies, including the military, tax system, and judiciary.

Both RS and the Bosnia-Croatia Federation are highly autonomous, forming the post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a weak central government

Needless to say, the EU condemned this move, and Some member statesGermany, including Germany, is now calling for sanctions against Serbian leader Milorad Dodik.

However, recent media disclosures indicate that a separatist vote that promised to propose a draft law within six months to replace national-level legislation took place According to reports, the legislative meeting is held with blessings Views of Olivér Várhelyi, EU Enlargement Commissioner. A diplomat in Brussels called the reports “shocking” to EURACTIV.

In the end, Turkey is only a nominal EU candidate.

As for other EU candidate countries? There are many promising lists, especially Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, Recently grouped together Speed ​​up their integration into the EU.Tbilisi even Announce It plans to submit its membership by 2024.

However, since the EU and its capitals inevitably turn a deaf ear to the call for EU enlargement, the number of people who sincerely hope to join the EU may begin to decrease.

All in all, no regression may be all the expansion progress we can hope for in 2022.

[Edited by Alice Taylor]

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