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The mayor of San Francisco has a “genius” idea to stop robbery during the holidays – RedState

California has been at the forefront of social policy for decades.We used to Cancel funding for the police Before it gets cold!

It was only recently that we really took out funds from the law enforcement budget, but we “drew money” by depriving them of their ability to arrest, protect citizens, and maintain peace.

Some people still don’t believe this, but Proposition 47 is a law – Deceptive headlineThe Safe Schools and Communities Act-reduces many serious crimes to misdemeanors and provides for the early release of certain violent offenders and sex offenders. One of the most incredible clauses in Prop 47 is that stealing goods worth up to $949 from any particular retailer during any given visit is just a fined offense. That’s right-visit. You can clean up the deodorant section at Walgreens, go back to your pharmacy, and come back in an hour. If it’s your jam, then buy diapers and feminine products.

you saw it video. People do it. They took what they wanted and walked away at will. They know the law. They know that law enforcement agencies are unable to stop anything. It’s not just San Francisco that sees this kind of nonsense, it has penetrated almost everywhere in the state.

To make matters worse-the broken window theory definitely applies to the chaos in California. The criminals became bold by acquiescing in the random robbery of the store. Now they have become organized and hit bigger goals. Both San Francisco and Los Angeles have witnessed a large number of sometimes violent thieves, flooding high-end targets like Louis Vitton and Nordstroms and taking away thousands of dollars in inventory. Some shoppers have been injured, and the retail industry must have been injured, but there is no compensation for troubled business owners. The alarm is useless. Even if the people they managed to arrest have just been released back to the street, this is why these criminal gangs have become bigger and bolder.

The solution itself requires some larger, bolder steps.

So, what “bold and daring” idea did San Francisco Mayor London Breed put forward to stop the crime wave in her city?

Parking is restricted.

And/or restrict traffic.

London A brief introduction to the plan Through the media statement, but no other details were provided at the time.

“We will make some changes to Union Square and the way cars enter,” Breed said. “As far as when you come to the area, access will be restricted.”

That’s it. This is the big idea. The economy is struggling to rebound under the weight of careless government and harsh COVID policies. Breed’s bold plan is to make it harder for people to shop or take packages home.I think if you can’t keep some criminals away from the store, you Just keep everyone away from the store.

Just brilliant.

Worse, governor Hair spray Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) once said that his “bold and bold” idea was to increase investigations and police forces on the retail industry during the holidays. I want to know where they will park the car.

If the police cannot arrest and detain suspects, what use are they of? What good is it if they know that anyone they manage to arrest will be back on the street in a few hours?

This is all the swelling of the Democratic Party. They used useless “wake up” legislation to shoot at California, and now they are trying to solve this problem by putting dirty, used band-aids on gunshot wounds.

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