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Move forward with hope and positivity

Dear readers, Daylight Savings Time came last month and we moved ahead by an hour. This is also the weekend when we have a week of spring break. As an educator, I am looking forward to this vacation to relax and spend quality time with my family. This year, my eldest son came back from college and we both took a break at the same time, and we had a relaxing 9-day vacation. We had a very relaxing and well-deserved break visiting the Houston Rodeo and doing an escape room, the only two outdoor events.

Spring is the perfect time for change/growth and I'm looking forward to a wonderful spring. I wish and wish you guys a great start to the season. Today’s post is about welcoming spring and getting ready for summer, so read on.


In the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of spring is Tuesday, March 19.Also called the Vernal Equinox, March Equinox, or Vernal Equinox, this is the day when the Sun passes The celestial equator extends from south to north. It is called the “celestial” equator because it is an imaginary line in the sky above the Earth's equator. Spring ends on June 20, which this year falls on a Thursday. Meteorologically speaking, the official first day of spring is March 1 (the last day is May 31). Spring is my favorite season, although I also like summer because there are more than two months of summer vacation, as well as my adult birthday and our wedding anniversary in June. My husband’s birthday is in the last week of March and my brother’s birthday is in mid-April, so those are two extra reasons for me to enjoy spring!

Spring is all about growing up and having a new beginning. So if you are one of the people reading this and you are stuck and want to change, here are my 5 tips for rejuvenating yourself.

5 tips to welcome spring

  1. try a hobby

It’s a beautiful time of year when flowers are in bloom, birds are singing, trees are coming to life, and temperatures are mild. As the days lengthen, now is a great time to pursue a hobby. Depending on your interests, you can try gardening, swimming, golf or any outdoor activity. Remember, anything you do for pleasure in your free time is a hobby. Try something new or re-do something you missed or haven't done in a long time. I believe it will bring you a little happiness.

Image Source: George Ian from Pixar

2. Spring cleaning

Most of you have probably heard of spring cleaning. This is the time to do a deep clean, which may reduce your chances of developing allergies if you're prone to them. It was believed that in 19th-century America this was the perfect time to dust since the weather was warm enough to open doors and windows (but not warm enough for insects to be a problem) and strong winds could carry dust out of the home. So if you have some free time on your hands or enough motivation, go for a spring cleaning.

Image Source: 19934763 from Pixar

3. Try to be yourself

Any season is a good season and a reason to work hard for yourself. This might be something like making a resolution, pledge, or commitment to yourself to do better at something. You can learn to improve yourself by reading self-help books, improve your skin care routine, start or modify a self-care routine, learn to cook delicious food, learn a new language, improve your social circle or get certified. There are many options, you choose the one you want to improve your life.

Image Source: Leonhard Niederwemer from Pixar

4. Take your time

Taking time to stop, enjoy the moment, and practice mindfulness are all great ways to slow down the pace of life and reduce stress. Learn strategies for taking care of your body and mind, whether it's journaling, exercise, meditation, yoga, eating right, doing kindness, or spending more quality time with loved ones, embracing new habits can bring balance and positive changes to your life.

Image Source: 2081671 from Pixar

5.Love yourself

Now is the right time to start loving yourself, your flaws and your virtues. It’s easier said than done, but it’s a powerful self-care practice that we all need to pay attention to. Be kind to yourself and take time for self-reflection every day. Use self-affirmations or read inspirational books and know that you are enough. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and spend time alone if that's important to you and helps you. Find ways to pamper yourself, starting now!

Image Source: Iqbal Nouriel Anwar from Pixar

wrap up

All in all, this post is about welcoming spring with hope, joy, and positivity. I give you 5 simple tips for enjoying spring by pursuing hobbies, spring cleaning, working on yourself, taking your time, and loving yourself. Dear readers, we’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you welcome this season of growth and new beginnings? Please share in the comments below or email!

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