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The White House claims that more than 90% of federal workers are vaccinated

The White House expects Announce At the COVID-19 briefing on Monday, more than 90% of federal workers have complied with vaccine regulations, and at least many have already received one or more doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Officials said that a total of 95% of federal employees have complied with the regulations and are either completing their vaccination or are waiting for an exemption.

The White House has set a deadline for federal employees and contractors to be vaccinated by Monday, which reportedly covers 3.5 million employees. ReutersThere are currently no requirements for booster shooting.

Before the briefing, the White House Tweet The COVID response update on Sunday reads that “more than 32 million Americans have been vaccinated with boosters”, “10% of children aged 5-11 have received the first dose”, and 80%​​ of Americans 12 and older Get vaccinated with a vaccination.

At the time of this announcement, the Biden administration’s vaccine authorization was enterprise Companies with more than 100 employees have encountered more resistance, and many Republican states Refuse To implement this measure.The task is Challenged In court, it is currently shelved, but the deadline for the authorization is still set to January 4.

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