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10 best door types and designs in Leicester for your home

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The design of your door can make or break the overall aesthetic of your house. It sets the tone for everything outside the door. However, with so many designs and types available, choosing the perfect design for your door can be overwhelming. There are many options, from classic to modern and innovative.

If you live in Leicester, you will no doubt know that the city is home to many home decor enthusiasts who love to try out different styles and designs for their homes. Fortunately, there are many stores that cater to people’s unlimited needs.For example, you will find the store Composite doors in Leicester Supply and installation of these doors. You’ll also find professionals to guide you in choosing the perfect door to fit your home’s aesthetic.

With so many options out there, the following guide features a selection of overhead door designs and types that Leicester homeowners love.

Ten Door Designs and Types

  1. Composite door: Composite doors are made from wood, uPVC and GRP. These doors offer a unique balance of strength, security and visual appeal. You can customize these doors according to their design and low-maintenance qualities. These doors are becoming a favorite among homeowners because they offer the best of both worlds. They are durable and stylish. Whether you want the look of wood, the durability of uPVC or the versatility of GRP, you can find it all in one door.
  1. Traditional panel door: Traditional panels are timeless and classic. They have raised panels and are mostly made of wood that can be stained and painted to your liking. These door panels look great in colonial and Victorian style homes with a rustic feel.
  1. Dutch door: When you have kids, remember your Pay attention to children’s safety when decorating your house. So if you have kids and pets running around, a Dutch door is a good choice. These doors are often used in kitchens or at the entrance to a house. They are split in half, with the top and bottom panels operating separately. These doors allow fresh air in while keeping children and pets out.
  1. Sliding door: Sliding doors provide primary access to the patio or backyard. These doors are best if you want an airy living room. They can turn the living room and deck into one area, giving you easy access to your lawn.
  1. Pocket door: If your house has space constraints, you know it Decoration is important to make it look big. This is where pocket doors come in. These doors are best for powder rooms, closets, or homes with limited space. These doors are the same as sliding doors but disappear into the hollow wall, freeing up more space in the room.
  1. Craftsman door: Craftsman doors create a warm and inviting entry. These doors are inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, which emphasized simplicity, quality and the use of natural materials.
  1. Iron doors and glass doors: These doors have the strength and sturdiness of iron and the elegance of glass. The tops of these doors are covered with glass, allowing natural light to enter and providing great views of the outdoors.
  1. Rustic Barn Door: Rustic barn doors were used early on on farm exteriors. But now it is being used in kitchens, hallways and even bedrooms. These doors are made of wood and have a track that holds the door in place and you have to slide the door over the track to open it. These doors look great in a rustic farmhouse style house.
  1. Bi-fold doors: Bi-fold doors fold into different panels. These doors are mostly used inside houses to separate two spaces. For example, bi-fold doors separate the living room from the kitchen, giving you both privacy and convenience, allowing you to merge the two spaces when needed.
  1. French doors: French doors are double doors with glass panels covering the top, classic and elegant. These doors look great in almost every house as they blend into any aesthetic.

Choosing the right door for your home is essential in setting the tone of your house. The entrance must match the architectural style of your home and the atmosphere you want to create.
Each of the above door types and designs has its own charm and can be customized to suit your unique taste.
Your door is the gateway to your style. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right one.

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