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13 ways to improve sales outreach email today

Did you get Sales outreach email So boring and versatile, you can’t help thinking, “This email can’t work”?

your sales workflow It may be reliable, but if you can’t attract the attention of potential customers through outreach emails, you may put the potential business aside.

Email is still one of the favorite contact methods of potential customers. Actually, 72% of business professionals Prefer e-mail communication to interact back and forth.If your sales outreach emails have not been up to standard, please consider some of the following 13 methods Increase your email open rate And respond.

1. Target the right potential customers

Great sales emails start with great potential customers, rather than buying large email lists from agencies with poor reputations.

First create your Ideal customer contour. What is your existing customer base? Which future customers do you want to start attracting? What is the value proposition that is close to these prospects? The sooner you figure out these customer profiles; the more authentic your sales outreach emails will be.

Before contacting, it is also a good idea to cover your basics and do some extensive research on each potential client.according to 43% of sales and marketing professionals, Collecting enough clue data is the biggest barrier to conversion.

2. Avoid bulk sending of uppercase and spam filters

Some email service providers (ESPs) include tracking links and pixels in your email, which may mark your email address as spam and impair deliverability.If you are looking for Avoid spam filters, Pay attention to your sending limit. If you send too many emails every hour or every day, some programs flag the emails. ESP can also limit your sending amount.

To keep your delivery rate healthy and avoid penalties, consider setting a daily limit for new campaigns or using ESP’s default limit.

3. Write an interesting preview message

You already know Subject line Affects the open rate, but the email recipient will also view the preview text when deciding whether to open the email. The preview text is usually the first few lines of the email. Please refer to the image below to understand what the preview text looks like in Gmail:

The exact amount of text depends on the client, whether it is Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, or other content. But keep it between 40-75 characters for maximum readability.

4. Write less than 200 words

A great sales email is much shorter than you think.Research shows that even though the sales email template contains multiple paragraphs The best length is 50-125 words. If you can reduce your ideas to fewer words than this, then do it!

Come to practice Write shorter emails, Please consider the following tips:

  • Use enough white space; this is the space between paragraphs. Using white space effectively makes your writing look less cluttered and more attractive.
  • Use visual effects when necessary. Visual effects such as images or videos are a great way to convey information without actually taking up your word count.
  • Establish a beginning, middle and end. When you take the time to summarize your emails, you will find them more concise and clear.

5. Personalize your email

The Internet is flooded with sales email templates, and while they are great for inspiring your copy, you should not use them verbatim.Take time to Write more personalized emails Will do wonders for your response rate.

Using custom variables is the standard way to achieve personalization. You can extract these variables from the CRM database. This will allow you to automatically insert the recipient’s name, company, role, and other relevant data.

For more personalization, you can refer to the data from you Marketing automation softwareThis data will show the pages that potential customers browse the most, the content they download, and how they interact with your website.

In addition to using tools to add personalization, you can also take the time to learn more about your potential customers. For example, if the potential client you’re marketing to has recently been promoted, please refer to and congratulate them in the opening remarks. These little actions will help your email stand out.

6. Add value to your tone

Whether you send the first cold email or the last follow-up email, be value-oriented. Focus on how your product benefits potential customers, rather than talking about yourself. What you provide can help potential customers:

  • Deal with the pain points they face?
  • Increase their income this year?
  • Help them reduce wasteful expenses?
  • Attract more traffic to their website?
  • Make them look better in the eyes of the boss?

To be honest, if they have nothing, why would they care about the products or services you provide them? Defining and personalizing the value proposition in advance will make outreach more difficult.

7. Refer to your competitors

For sales outreach emails, you may think that revealing your competitors is a strange move, but the truth is that your potential customers may have researched, reviewed ratings, and read user reviews in advance. Actually, 75% of B2B buyers Say that they will research suppliers and solutions before buying.

Today’s software buyers are more aware of the situation, so if the time is right, please don’t shy away from mentioning your competitors. In fact, you should be prepared to mention how your product or service differs from your competitors. Prepare some ready-made customer case studies and data.

8. Improve your subject line

If no one opens them, your email outreach is not important, which is why you need a strong email subject line.Here are some quick tips Improve your email subject line:

  • Use the person’s name. example: Hey John, do you have time?
  • ask a question. example: Is this the right time to contact you?
  • Create a curiosity gap. example: {company} 3 things that customers care about
  • Start with the value proposition. example: Your free report is attached here
  • Keep it short, especially for mobile friendliness.

Create a few different ideas and continue testing until you find the subject line that performs best.

9. Write a strong opening statement

Once your potential customer opens the email, they will decide on the first line whether to continue reading. If you are not using a separate preview message, your first line is more important because it affects your email open rate.

Attract the attention of potential customers by focusing on what is most important to them. I suggest to know directly why you are in the recipient’s inbox. Skip the “I hope everything goes well for you and your team!” This added text will take up your word count and detract from your information.

10. Add engaging and personalized video content

Video is quickly becoming the top outreach tool in email.In fact, the open rate of outreach emails promoting YouTube or Vimeo content is 25% and 39%, Compared with 19% of emails without video.

Use good written email strategies you already know, such as focusing on pain points, needs, and how you can specifically help-and create video content for them.Here is a good example of how to Gene book Create and integrate personalized videos for its audience:

If you don’t have the bandwidth for video, images are a good substitute. For example, if your business has conducted a research report, you can attach a video of important charts and data that the recipient thinks is relevant to it.

11. End with a question

A good salesperson knows that asking questions can build trust and a more productive conversation.If you want a better outreach response rate, you should ask Open-ended question Cause a reaction. Some examples of problems include:

  • What are your hesitations about our products?
  • {Competitor’s} What are the products that we can’t do?
  • Is there anything I can do today to get your “yes”?

Asking open-ended questions is a great way to ensure that you will not let potential customers out of trouble without getting more background information.

12. Use email signatures correctly

This Email signature It is an opportunity that sales professionals should not miss. Use this as an opportunity to share recent news articles, webinar recordings, case studies, and even the company’s latest YouTube videos.

In addition to adding content that attracts the attention of the recipient, you should also include a virtual phone number in your email signature so that potential customers can call you.Use one Unified Communication System, You will be able to answer calls on your phone, mobile app, or desktop app-providing greater flexibility for remote salespeople.

13. Run A/B Test

If you don’t test and check the data, it will be difficult to determine which ones are valid and which ones are invalid.Have Various email elements you should test To determine what works. For the best open and response rate, please test different versions of the copy to see which version works best. Try to experiment with subject lines, preview text, copy, and call-to-action.

It is a good idea to test only one variable at a time. As you progress, you can make improvements and adjustments based on the winning version.

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