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3 kinds of beauty and skin care products that I like right now

Happy Thursday, Scout Family! Since my house often feels like a product warehouse, constantly moving in and out of goods, I want to share some good things I have tried recently, and now I am happy to recommend them. The trials and tribulations of product testing can really add up financially. I hope my honest opinion can help you make some beauty and skin care choices to save you time and make you feel like a smart consumer. Without further ado, here are three of my favorite beauty and skin care products.

Clinique’s better clinical foundation- Shop here

Not long ago, as part of a Clinique campaign, I had to test this foundation, and now I can honestly say that I will buy it with my own coins! It has SPF 25 and its ingredients (hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and vitamin C) are formulated to improve the look and feel of exposed skin while providing full coverage during the day. It can moisturize your skin, smooth the skin, protect the skin from the sun, and has a powerful anti-dark spot molecule (UP302). You really can’t ask for more from the Foundation! If your foundation does not surprise you and you want to prioritize the overall health of your skin, I highly recommend this product.

Bobbi Brown long-lasting eyeshadow – Shop here

I also use this Bobbi Brown eye shadow stick every day. It is very easy to apply and gives you a touch of color on the lid for 8 hours. All you have to do is to draw a thick line on the lid above the eyelashes using a similarly marked application tool, and then you can easily blend it to the crease with your fingers. Look! Sexy eyeshadow effect. They have shimmering tones and can be used as instant gorgeous or neutral colors as a basis. This is a great finished shadow stick that you can easily put in your bag.

Dior Capture Totale Super Powerful Eye Serum – Shop here

When we discuss eye problems, I have been using this Dior eye serum tool, it gave me life. Since the area around the eyes is very sensitive, it is the biggest sign of aging. This serum and applicator can reduce swelling around the eyes while moisturizing, reduce fine lines and eliminate dark circles. Basically it makes you look ten years younger, just like you slept for ten hours the night before. I like it so much!

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