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3 reasons why pharmacies should implement mobile text and payment solutions to retain senior customers

Communicating with senior customers is vital to building trust and ensuring that they feel comfortable when making transactions, and these seniors send text messages more often than you think.In fact, as of mid-2019, more than three-quarters (77%) of U.S. adults aged 50 and over own a smartphone. This number represents A 10% increase from 70% a few years ago. The abilities of the elderly on smartphones are the same as those of millennials. They swipe and tap to shop, age 45-64 years old is also the fastest growing group Speaking of mobile phones.

As the elderly population increases year by year, the demand for local pharmacies also increases. 93% of the elderly Live within five miles of a pharmacyToday’s pharmacies are forced to update their patient participation strategies-this means integrating text payment and two-way messaging solutions. In these ways, the elderly can safely pay the required expenses in the pharmacy, and can redispense medicines and ask questions through open communication channels.

Here are three reasons why pharmacies should implement contactless payments and communication through SMS to attract their senior customer base:

  1. SMS has widely become the preferred method of contact, and this situation is quickly becoming the case of contactless payments. Nine out of 10 U.S. adults over the age of 50 use smartphones every day, and 83% of people send text messages and emailsAdding features that allow seniors to communicate with companies they have a relationship with or make quick payments via SMS means another layer of customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  2. It’s fast, they can view it when they need it, and most importantly, they can view it in their own way. Many elderly people like the personalized function of enlarging text on mobile phones. This makes it easier for them to read and understand in their leisure time, while also providing this sense of security. Improved accessibility, security, and technology have made texting one of the most effective ways to reach the elderly in the United States.
  3. They embrace new technologies.fully 58% of adults 65 and older Said that technology has a positive impact on society.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when communicating with seniors via SMS:

  • Limit the use of “LOL”, “OMG” and other abbreviations-they may appear unprofessional
  • Use correct syntax to build trust and credibility
  • Avoid using multiple punctuation marks, such as “!!!”
  • Omit emojis-these are best left to personal information
  • As always, make sure you get their permission first

Most (62%) adults over 70 Have a smartphoneelectronic In addition to sending and receiving messages, they also visit websites, get news, and visit social networks. The elderly are one of the main groups visiting pharmacies, and they use mobile phones like other generations-so contacting them via SMS is simple and effective, while meeting the bottom line of the pharmacy.

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