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32 DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas | Advertisement

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DIY Christmas decorations are a great way to add a unique festive touch to your home. You can use basically anything for this: old boxes, empty cans, paper, string, fabric, pine branches, dried flowers in londonand more.
Merry Christmas Crafting!

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Here are some ideas you can easily reproduce:

1. Winter wreath. Decorative ring in gold with a small Christmas tree candlestick, which can stand alone or be combined with other decorative rings.

2. Christmas wreath. For the gold wreath, you’ll need any length of yarn, glue, and gold paper. Put the small rectangles on the yarn, glue them together, and finish by cutting the triangles into squares.

3. Small candle pendant. For winter tea lights, the pendant is wire tied around the neck of the jar and hung from any decorative branch.

4. Fairy ice lantern. When it’s cold outside, the Little Ice Lamp can be moved into the garden or onto the balcony.

5. cinnamon tree garnish。 Make super cute Christmas decorations using cinnamon sticks and a few other supplies you may have around the house.

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornament with strips knotted onto sticks to form branches. There is also a large yellow button at the top which hangs from a Christmas tree branch with baubles in the background.

6. Christmas socks. Review cutting and sewing tips so you can make socks for your fireplace.

7. Christmas stocking hanger. Hang a few hooks above the fireplace or near the Christmas tree. Decorate them with garlands and pine needles. The socks themselves can be sewn from old shirts using patterns found on the internet.

8. Spruce garland. Made with fresh branches from a Christmas tree or pine, this is a great decorative option. You can connect branches with bright ribbons, snowflakes and decorate them with Christmas toys.

9. Fabric Christmas Tree. Use leftovers from your fabric stash or old clothing to create this lovely fabric holiday tree.

10. Plaid pillows. After a few minutes, you can transform an ordinary sofa cushion into a festive and cozy decoration. All you need is a sewing machine and an inexpensive wool blanket.

11. Wreath on the chair. Don’t forget the chairs. They also need decoration. For this, it is recommended to use boxwood garlands connected and attached with ribbons.

12. Candlesticks are made of wood. It’s easy to add comfort to your home by creating wooden candle holder。 Make several by placing candles in sawdust and placing them around the house with Christmas toys.

13. Candy garland. An ingenious solution is to create a garland out of candy canes. You can use them to decorate small or even large Christmas trees.

14. mini house. In recent years, the use of tiny houses in interior decoration has become more and more popular. To do this, you need to use a little force with cardboard or felt.

15. Christmas Eve Paper City. You can make a Christmas Eve city out of paper. Kids can equip it however they like, sticking critters or figurines of their favorite characters in the middle of the forest. The house can be painted in different colors.

16. candle jar. Place a candle in the middle of the glass jar. Arrange dried oranges and orange slices and pine branches around it – this will give the house a wonderful Christmas touch and add color to the decor.

17. Rosin candles. Pine candles will help to decorate the house and freshen the air in the house. Melt a regular candle and add pine or eucalyptus essential oil.

18. LED candle lights. Decorate the log stack in your fireplace with LED lights, or, if you don’t have access to wood, any foundation. The warm glow of small lamps creates the illusion of a raging fire.

19. Christmas calendar. Print the base from the web, cut it out and glue it together. Attach a number to each house representing the day of the month. Inside there is a surprise for the whole family: gingerbread, candy and a note with a wish.

20. christmas bell. This super quick and easy craft looks really effective. Create a miniature winter village in minutes for a beautiful display.

Christmas Scene Bell Craft

twenty one. Garland of fabric scraps. Every home has old clothes that you don’t need – use them to piece together a wreath.

twenty two. Keg with chalk lettering. Fill small buckets or planters with fresh pine or spruce branches, decorate them with LED garlands and bright ribbons, and place them on the front steps of your house.

twenty three. Pine twigs. Use a clump of fresh spruce or pine branches in place of the mistletoe garland. Such an ornament will complement the decoration of the door and add charm to the house.

twenty four. Christmas Eve button garland. A wreath made from unwanted buttons, cleverly glued to a cardboard or polystyrene base, will adorn your door in spotless white.

25. Christmas wreath made of old paper. Old paper has a special charm. Its sheets can be used for Christmas decorations.roll into cones and use them to make lights Christmas wreath Has a poetic character.

26. Kraft gift wrapping paper. The gift wrapping paper commonly found in stores is drab and not environmentally friendly. Once the gift is opened, it is thrown away immediately. Don’t be afraid to use leftover wallpaper, vellum, or even old magazine pages to create original gift wrap.

27. Trapezoidal calendar for December. If you don’t have enough room for a Christmas tree in your living room, you can easily replace it with a December trapezoidal calendar, with gifts in envelopes for each date of each month.

28. Christmas table centerpieces. In winter, you’ll find plenty of bare branches falling from the trees. They can be given a second life, just place them in the center of your table for a very stylish decoration.

29. Christmas Eve balloon garland in wool. Decorate your door with this Christmas wreath in cool tones. You will need simple woolen thread wrapped around small balls of different sizes.

30. wooden paper cut house. A cute decoupage wooden mini street looks great on a fireplace or shelf.

31. Christmas wreath with winter plants. You don’t have to look far to find beautiful and free Christmas decorating materials. The forest has everything you need: spruce branches, rowan berries and hawthorn berries.

32. Christmas tree ornaments made from sheet music. Strings and old sheet music, which can be purchased at flea markets or from music lovers, are enough to make your tree festive.

Hope this gives you some inspiration.

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