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42 best vegetarian low FODMAP recipes (+ vegetarian, gluten-free)

Anyone who has been on a low FODMAP diet knows that this is a hodgepodge of rules that is more difficult to follow. When so many healthy vegetables, grains, and legumes are banned, one disadvantage is that it may eventually make you put more meat on the plate. Vegetarian low-FODMAP recipes are more difficult to find, simply because after adding the second restriction to the heap, there are much less playable.

In other words, I fully believe that healing the intestines and supporting our microbiome in the long term are both strategies for plant-based lifestyles rather than animal-protein-rich lifestyles.It can be trickier to get there, especially if you are dealing with things like Sibo. But one way to close the gap is to include more vegetarian low FODMAP recipes into your rotation.

When I asked you about recipe requirements recently On Instagram, I can’t believe how many people ask for vegetarian or vegan SIBO recipes. Of course, there is no SIBO diet, but many people follow the low FODMAP route. Others ignore more allergens, such as all dairy products, gluten, corn and soy.If you belong to all of the above camps, or are following the SIBO specific food guidelines or the diet of practitioners such as biphasic diet, I suggest you buy SIBO made simple.

In 90 dishes This bookNearly 60% are vegetarian low-FODMAP recipes, and none of them contain the major allergens just mentioned. To give you a taste, I have included some of them in my list of ideas below.

For those who are just exploring a vegetarian low-FODMAP diet, there are some dairy products, soy, and wheat on the table, because a low-FODMAP diet does not completely eliminate these. Especially if you don’t eat animal protein, a little tofu or cheese can make you feel satisfied.

Before I continue, if you are still unfamiliar with a low FODMAP diet, I suggest you check This post About what are restrictions and restrictions, and How to cook for a low FODMAP diet.

If you are ready to put into practice, Summary of the best low FODMAP recipes It is also very helpful-it includes breakfast, desserts, condiments, etc. However, if you are in a plant-based camp, then today’s post is all about weekday dinners, allowing you to start a vegetarian low-FODMAP diet.

In addition to the recipes in my website and book, I also included some excellent low-FODMAP vegetarian recipes from the Internet. Feel free to use them as a guide or inspire many cuisines and techniques, allowing you to add more variety to this dual restrictive diet.

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42 best vegetarian low FODMAP recipes (+ vegetarian options)

Frying pan grilled with quinoa enchilada | Feed me Phoebe

To make this vegan, just use plant-based cheese (make sure it is not based on cashew nuts)

Zucchini Mokka | SIBO made simple

Sticky Tofu Vegetarian Bowl | A bit delicious

Gluten-Free Mushu Vegetables | Feed me Phoebe

Lemon Kale and Pumpkin Omelette | Georgias

Thai Spaghetti Pumpkin Pad | SIBO made simple

Grilled Vegetable Salad with Lime and Basil | A bit delicious

Grilled Ratatouille Enchiladas | Feed me Phoebe

To make this vegan, just use plant-based cheese (make sure it is not based on cashew nuts)

Moroccan carrot salad with wild rice, almonds and arugula | SIBO made simple

Sesame Ginger Low FODMAP Noodle Salad | Foday Food

Green Falafel with Magic Tahini Dressing | SIBO made simple

Avocado Creamy Sweet Potato Tacos | Foday Food

Tamari-Balsamic grilled vegetables | Feed me Phoebe

Grilled Vegetable and Green Bean Omelette | A bit delicious

Italian pasta salad | Feed me Phoebe

Low FODMAP Pumpkin Spinach Quiche | Kalin’s Kitchen

Japanese Okonomiyaki | Feed me Phoebe

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Fried Rice | Foday Food

Assorted jam with vegetables in the pot

Brown rice Jinjin rice | Feed me Phoebe

FODMAP-Friendly Vegetarian Curry | Georgias

Roasted Carrots and Ginger Soup | Feed me Phoebe

Omit the leek filling.

Vegan Carrot Macaroni Whole Vodka | Feed me Phoebe

Stir-fried Kale and Quinoa with Ginger Sauce | SIBO made simple

Gluten-Free Vegetable Chunks

Kale Sweet Potato Chunks | Feed me Phoebe

Thai Pumpkin Noodle Soup | A bit delicious

Crispy Sage Chowder | Feed me Phoebe

West African Yam and Peanut Stew | SIBO made simple

Brown Rice Kittari | SIBO made simple

Sage Roasted Pumpkin Pasta | Daily Food Map

Pickled kale with roasted fennel, parsnips and sunflower seeds | SIBO made simple

Pumpkin Chive Risotto | SIBO made simple

Sweet Potato Quinoa Low FODMAP Vegetarian Burger | SIBO made simple

Vietnamese grilled eggplant salad | SIBO made simple

French Bean Carrot Salad | SIBO made simple

Sesame tofu with broccoli and walnuts | High resolution stock photo | CLIPARTO Kate Scarata

Bowl of Nam Khao Crispy Rice Salad

Vegan Nam Khao (Kale Crispy Rice Salad) | Feed me Phoebe

Red wine pasta | Feed me Phoebe

Simple creamy parsnip soup with three herbs and garlic oil

Creamy Green Parsnip Soup | Feed me Phoebe

FODMAP Friendly Vegetarian Mousaka | Georgias

Zesty Kale Summer Rolls | SIBO made simple

Vegan sausage rolls | Georgias

As you can see in this list of more than 40 low-FODMAP vegetarian recipes, there are still many options for people who need a vegetarian SIBO diet or who prefer to eat plant-based foods when managing IBS.

If you want more complete resources, please consider choosing SIBO made simple, Many of these recipes are also included in easy-to-use recipes!

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