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7 best-practice PR tips for your next advertising campaign

PR Tip 5. Be transparent

In today’s oversaturated media environment, honesty is a commodity. This is why transparency is king.

Few things can quickly discredit a brand like falling into half-truths.

If you intend to align yourself with an important cause to enhance your brand image and attract new audiences, then you only need to verbal service. You must proactively and sincerely support the above causes.

If you have always had your own company’s narrative and it is true in your statement, then you will quickly avoid the cancellation culture and be more beneficial in the eyes of your customers.

This of course depends on the brand and PR, so please work closely with your internal or client brand team to ensure that your event information is bulletproof. It all depends on knowing your customers.

If you have nothing to hide, your customers have no reason to distrust you.

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