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7 ways to prank on April Fools’ Day

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To say the least, the past year has been difficult, and I think that’s why this year’s April Fool’s Day seems so quiet. We are all fed up!

However, for our dog, this year is great. We spend more time with them at home than ever before, and they have always enjoyed all the outdoor activities.

Therefore, this seems to be a good time to make some harmless pranks for our unsuspecting cubs.

Many of these can also be used as enrichment activities. Let your dog’s brain buzz as they try to spot these pranks.

1. Freeze their food bowls

Pour your dog’s next meal into their bowl. If it is dry food, add a few tablespoons of water for each bite, enough to touch, but don’t submerge it completely.

Freeze their entire bowl for at least four hours, then show your dog their food bar at the next meal.

2. Give them a tricky piece of food

Sometimes I give each of my dogs a whole strawberry and watch them roll around on the carpet, trying to understand it.

Or, instead of their daily chewing stick, give them a slice of celery, a cucumber or a large carrot and see if they can figure out how to eat it.

3. Hovering hand

Hover your hands on your dog’s head as if you are going to pet them, but-don’t. Put your hands above their heads and see what they are doing. When I did this to Cow, she pushed her head into my hands. She just wants to get the pet she deserves!

4. Wrap all their toys

Dig out the remaining Christmas gift wrapping paper and wrap up every toy of your dog.

5. Turn your dog’s rice into aspic

Use plain, tasteless, unsweetened gelatin to turn your dog food into a wobbly aspic. Pure gelatin is safe and healthy for dogs, and it is actually good for their joints. Do not use jelly or any products with added sugar or artificial sweeteners, they may be toxic to dogs.

6. Reinvigorate the “What The Fluff” challenge

As you may remember the Internet trend, people are doing disappearing magic for their pets. Your dog may not remember, so he will play pranks on April Fools’ Day.

This is easy to do, just take a big blanket and stand in the doorway or hallway. Pick up the blanket between you and your dog and peek from above. Lift the blanket over your head to hide you completely, and then put it down so that your dog can see you. Then, lift the blanket again, but this time, put down the blanket and hide it.

7. Give your dog invisible treats

Pretend to take out snacks from the bowl and pretend to give one to your dog. See how much invisible hospitality you can give them until they realize that you are feeding them air.

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