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ABC Balancing Beads Announces Partnership with Sure Shim to Distribute Pigtail Plug Safety Shims

ABC Balancing Beads, a company that sells high-quality balancing beads, has announced a partnership with Sure Shim to distribute pigtail plug safety shims. These safety shims are a new product to the ABC inventory, but the company guarantees that all safety shim products designed and patented in this partnership with Sure Shim will be up to the same ABC standards that people are used to.

The pigtail plug safety shim product designed by Marine Veteran Craig Davies is specifically for truckers who haul semi-trailers. This shim is constructed to keep the cabling power plug snug by minimizing wear and tear and insuring a solid, reliable power connection for proper trailer lights, signals, and ABS System functions. Also Sure Shims prevent flickering lights, keeping drivers and rigs DOT Compliant. By partnering with Sure Shim, ABC Balancing Beads is able to offer the highest standard of safety shims available on the market at the lowest cost. Truckers can save thousands of dollars when purchasing pigtail plug safety shims in bulk quantities from ABC Balancing Beads.

“At ABC, we have a history of making products that make life easier for Over the Road Truckers. We’re proud to continue that tradition with these high-quality pigtail safety shims manufactured by Sure Shim. By choosing to partner with Sure Shim, we are now able to add premium safety shims to our inventory for an affordable price,” said Danny McLellan, ABC Balancing Beads founder. “When choosing a partner to manufacture safety shims for our inventory, our team wanted to ensure we were choosing a company that prioritizes quality and customer care.

Sure Shim has a history of dedicating themselves to helping customers save thousands of dollars when purchasing first-rate safety shims. When it comes to pigtail plug sure shims, Sure Shim is the best in the industry, making the brand an easy choice for this partnership. ABC hopes to continue to expand our inventory with high-quality products that can make life easier for semi-truck drivers.”

All safety shims manufactured by Sure Shim are made in the United States with premium materials. Sure Shim was developed by a former fleet owner and OTR Driver who was determined to improve the productivity of truck drivers, keep cargo and trucks moving, and improve profitability to owners by keeping trucks rolling. The company provides savings by offering affordable products, improving safety ratings, lowering liability, and helping protect drivers and their equipment.

Said Craig “ I wanted to partner with ABC for several reasons. The management at ABC “Gets” the issues in which Sure Shim is of benefit. They have extensive knowledge and actual 1st hand experience in the trucking industry. They are well known and established within the trucking community, and they do what they say they’re going to do!  I have had nothing but positive experiences in putting this relationship together with ABC.”

The recent partnership with Sure Shim to produce pigtail plug safety shims will allow ABC Balancing Beads to guarantee that customers are receiving premium products at an affordable price. This type of product is new to the ABC inventory, making it an added convenience for existing customers. ABC Balancing Beads hopes to continue to expand its inventory so semi-truck drivers around the world can access all the products they need for a reasonable cost.

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