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About 2021 NORDSTROM Anniversary Sale

The best sales of the year are coming: Nordstrom Anniversary sale! I will break down everything you need to know-why it is so good, how it works and some of my favorite selections in the preview! There are so many good things, and the prices have been drastically reduced! This will be your guide on how to prepare for sale. I have been shopping (and working) on ​​this promotion for many years and have learned how to maximize your experience!

The reason this sale is so good is that it includes new items, while most other sales are for old or out-of-season items. This promotion includes hundreds of items that will become a must-have item in the fall and beyond, and will be restored to the original price after the end of the promotion on August 8. It’s amazing. There is no discount code for this sale-the price will be the same as marked.

If you have any questions about purchasing Nordstrom, please leave a comment here or contact me via the following methods Instagram or Facebook I would love to chat!

Some of my favorite looks from last year’s sale!

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in 2021?

July 12th-Early Access Shopping for Icon Members
July 14th-Ambassador members first experience shopping
July 16th-Early access shopping for influencer members (this is where we are)
July 28th-The public visit of the Anniversary Sale begins-Everyone can shop!

How do I know the status of my NORDSTROM club?

You can check your status by logging into your Nordstrom account and clicking “Nordic Club.”

When can I start shopping?

You can start shopping online at 12 AM Pacific Standard Time / 3 AM Eastern Time on the day your visit begins!

How do I apply for a NORDSTROM credit card?

You need to have a Nordstrom credit card to buy Early Access, but it’s well worth it! If you don’t want to open a new credit card, you can wait for Public Access (understandably!), but you may risk some things that are sold out (past experience: good things sell quickly!).you could Sign up for a Nordstrom credit card here Or in the store! Even better, there is now a great promotion to encourage you to sign up for a card!

When you get a Nordstrom credit card approved, you will get a Nordstrom Note (basically a gift card) worth $60! You can also immediately enter the “influencer” status of the Nordy Club!

With influencer status, you will get the following (and more!) privileges: early access promotions, free basic makeovers, roadside pickup, your own double points day, and early access to the Clear The Rack sale from Nordstrom Rack!

Through early access to the sale, you can grab the hottest sale before the public! Many of these items are sold out and are no longer restocked, so this is the only way to get some of the most sought-after items!

Tips to make the most of the 2021 NORDSTROM Anniversary Sale

-Use double points days to maximize your savings/income!
– Consider using online purchase in-store pickup service, or better roadside pickup service, so that you can pick up the goods on the day you buy! Note-Not all items are eligible for pick-up on the same day. This will give you the opportunity to try and make the necessary exchanges before the goods are sold out.
-It was nearby when the sale started. Unfortunately, things will be sold out very quickly. Therefore, it is key to be able to shop there when the 12 o’clock in the morning Pacific time rings. If the sale starts early, please pay close attention to my Facebook page for notification.
I will also publish a blog post within a few minutes of the start of the sale, which contains more than 100 my preferred products, all of which are classified and easy to buy.

Stick to mine Instagram And mine Facebook page And turn on the release notification, so you don’t miss any sales and replenishment reminders!

What’s on my wish list this year

call! That’s a lot! I hope this helps clarify some things and make your shopping experience better! Once sales start, I will share what I grabbed for myself, as well as different styling techniques and the best! I am your girl N Sale for all things! 🙂 happy shopping!


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