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After arguing with Camilla Cabello, Sean Mendes shared his greatest fear

Shawn Mendes recently revealed how his fierce quarrel with his girlfriend Camila Cabello made him realize his greatest fear. In this week’s “Man Enough” podcast, Mendes also shared what Cabello defined as his greatest strength.

The three-time Grammy nominee said frankly that he had recently had an argument with his girlfriend of two years, during which he raised his voice. hair When she yelled at his behavior, she became very defensive. He said that after raising his voice to Cabello, he felt his girlfriend “shrinked” and told himself, “Gosh, this is the worst.”

Mendes said that that fragile moment made him realize how afraid he was “evil.”

“Maybe there is even a bad side deep in my heart, I have to accept its existence,” he told actor Justin Bardoni, activist Liz Planck and collaborator Jamie Heath. podcast.

“And the other part of me, he just has to be here, we have to work together until in the end he is healed in all the traumas, all the kinks are worn away, and he is fine. But I can’t Avoid the fact that there is a little darkness in my heart and it is a terrible feeling to let this darkness exist,” he added.

The 22-year-old singer Further This argument made him realize that when you become vulnerable after the fight, “you are actually just protecting yourself better.” He also shared that after their quarrel, Cabello comforted him. “I did my evil and my fear, and she comforted me,” he said.

The Canadian artist subsequently stated that he was afraid of becoming “evil”, which prompted him to seriously discuss his struggle with his girlfriend with his girlfriend. After talking about his fear, the couple read books apart for about 20 minutes, until he was finally ready to approach his girlfriend again and confess to her, “God, that’s one thing, I’m really sorry,” the singer Added. .

When asked why Cabello defined him The greatest strength, Mendes said it was his ability, to be honest. “My biggest advantage, I think what she will say is my truth, my ability to be honest and tell the truth,” he said. “I think she would say that my weakness is that I am committed to being a good person.”

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