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AInsights: Forgot Google? Confusion Page Production Expert Content Search Engines Love

AInsights: What your C-suite insights mean for the latest in generative artificial intelligence…

Perplexity, my favorite AI answer engine, just launched confusion page. This is a game changer in many ways. Let's start with what it is, and then we'll see why it's important.

As a content creator, I do my research. I then combine this information into articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, websites, essays, etc. and publish a link that people can visit to learn more. Perplexity now offers a content creation and publishing platform for conducting AI-driven research, vetting information, documenting sources, and publishing your research into linkable (and shareable) destinations. In short, Perplexity Pages uses its artificial intelligence engine to transform research findings into visually compelling and shareable web pages in just a few clicks.

Here is an example. Today I spent some time figuring out how to make an authentic Bolognese sauce. In my research using Google, Youtube and Perplexity, I learned that there is one registered recipe and another that is also widely believed to be authentic. The registered recipe does not use tomatoes or milk. Another does this. After completing all of this work, I manually assembled the process for correctly reproducing both recipes with the help of countless resources on both sides. If I use Perplexity Pages to do this, I can create my own, hands-on cookbook with the click of a button, saving a lot of time researching, writing, and assembling images and videos. renew: I literally moved all my research to Perplexity Pages and Published my results Dedicated to all the home cooks out there!

When I started blogging, this is where I was!

How does the confusion page work?

1) Define the theme: Specify the topic you want to explore, whether it's an industry overview, product analysis, or market research.

2) Designated audience: Indicate the target audience for your content, such as executives, researchers, or customers.

3) Generate page: Perplexity's artificial intelligence scours its LL.M., collates relevant information, and produces a structured draft with chapters, images, and citations. You can prompt Perplexity to generate AI images, upload your own images, or use web images.

4) Customization and publishing: Optimize content, add or remove sections, adjust layout, and publish pages to Perplexity's library or share directly with your audience.

Artificial Intelligence Insights

Pages reminds me of the original Blogger and WordPress combined with Canvas, and if the answers were generated by artificial intelligence, then there's Quora. It's part publishing tool, part thought leadership/brand, part subject matter expert, and part designer.

For example, this is my confused page Explore the confusion page.

Many experts (myself included) position Perplexity as an answer engine and alternative to Google, and Pages will likely be indexed by Google itself. This means Perplexity is providing tools to help curious thinkers, creators, writers, academics, experts and researchers leverage its competitors’ platforms to accelerate and advance their thought leadership to expand subject matter expertise and potentially online visibility nature and funding capabilities.

Google will respond. At the same time, it’s an excellent tool to help you learn how to hone your AI-driven research and hone your editing skills, validate your AI-driven results, and improve your output in every dimension

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