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AInsights: New Google Bard aka Gemini, Neuralink experiments, bland conversational AI agents, Deep Fakes and GPT Assistant

Created using Google Bard aka Gemini

AInsights: Generating insights with artificial intelligence. Executive insights into the latest advances in generating artificial intelligence…

Bard gets another massive update in an attempt to lure users away from competing genAI sites like ChatGPT and Midjourney; Google is reportedly renaming Bard to Gemini

google bard A round of important new updates have been released, including:

Integrate with Google services: Bard now pulls information from YouTube, Google Maps, flights and hotels, allowing users to ask broader questions and perform tasks such as planning trips and getting templates for specific purposes.

Multi-language support: The chatbot can now communicate in more than 40 languages.

Image generation: Google has added an image generation feature that enables it to create images based on prompts’ creativity and imagination. The main image was developed using Bard.

Email summary and sharing: Bard now provides a better, more comprehensive summary of recent emails and allows sharing of conversations (including images) for a better appreciation of the creative process.

Fact checking and integration with Google Apps: You can now fact-check in Bard, which is a big advantage for Google search engine competitors Puzzled.

Users can also integrate with Google Workspace and import data from other Google applications, such as summarizing PDFs from Google Docs. This appears to be a move to compete with Microsoft's Co-Pilot, which already has a strong base.

google bard opinion

At this point, active genAI users have already joined, otherwise Google would have to work hard to attract new users.That's probably why Google is said to be proposing a bill Rename Bard to Gemini A dedicated app will be launched to compete with ChatGPT and other genAI-focused apps.

Incremental releases won't achieve that much.But I'm impressed that Google turned to The third wave of genAI Become a system in action.

Neuralink implants chip into first human brain.

neural connectionsThe brain chip startup founded by Elon Musk in 2016 has received approval from the US FDA for human carried out successfully This was a first-time user installation and the patient recovered well.

Neuralink is developing a brain-computer interface (BCI) that implants a coin-sized device (N1) into the skull and enters the brain via ultra-thin wires. The N1 implant allows individuals to control devices wirelessly using their brains, potentially restoring independence and improving the lives of people with paralysis.

Neuralink AInsights

The success of this and all subsequent trials will lay the foundation for potential medical applications that could revolutionize the lives of people with severe paralysis. Neuralink's brain-computer interface allows patients to control computers, robotic arms, wheelchairs and other life-changing devices with their thoughts.

It’s also important to remember that one of Neuralink’s original goals was to merge the brain with artificial intelligence to enable human-machine collaboration. launches a new chatbot that can talk to you like a human

I remember before ChatGPT was launched, in 2018, Google was accused pretend A large AI demo using virtual assistant AI to call a hair salon and make bookings on the user’s behalf.

Go to Get a call from Brandi and learn about new conversational artificial intelligence. has launched an AI call center solution that is reportedly capable of managing 500,000 people simultaneously with anyone’s voice. AI Insights

The initial use case points to lead qualification calls. When connected to a CRM, AI can automate initial lead calls to save time, reduce human error, and provide important insights into prospect preferences and behavior.

There are advantages and disadvantages to technology like this. This is inevitable. IMHO, this technology does not replace SDRs but allows them to achieve human-centered success and increase their value.

AI-generated content, including calls and customer interactions, can lack humanity, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box, resulting in content that is repetitive, monotonous, and bland (get it?). Human contact is crucial.

However, warn that while this technology can help, it also enhances artificial intelligence and the dark side of human nature. Conversational AI can lower our defense mechanisms by allowing AI to participate in daily transactions. Deepfakes will launch an onslaught.

Recently, financial personnel of a multinational company were deceived Pay $25 million Deepfake scammer impersonating company CFO on video conference call.

The growing library of GPT-specific libraries can now be called instantly within a ChatGPT session

Sometimes, you don't need the heavy lifting of engineering quickly in unknown territory.When ChatGPT was introduced GPT storethe purpose is to connect users to useful, Customized version ChatGPT for specific use cases.

now you can Integrate GPT into prompts Accelerate expected results in specific applications.

GPT AInsights

We don't know what we don't know. This is important when we don’t know what to ask or what is possible. Sometimes it can take a series of carefully crafted, creative, twisty prompts to help us achieve the desired results at each step we are trying to accomplish in any new process.

AI founder and podcast host Jaeden Schafer shared Example use cases Stacking GPT in the same thread can help users enhance the founder's capabilities. “One person does the logo, Canva creates the collateral, another writes the sales copy, etc.,” he shared.

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