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An open letter to my eldest son’s high school graduate

When you turn 18 tomorrow and prepare to leave your lair, I wish you all the best, and your future is yours. This is an open letter to you. My high school graduate is going to grow up and fly. This fall he will leave the state university to go to college. I want to say so much, I want you to know so much before you leave, so please keep reading, because I try to express my thoughts and emotions in words.

Photos over 16 years ago

I remember the day you were born, my first child. You must have heard my story countless times-how you met your dad when you were 6 months old, and we went to another country to meet him. Thanks to Google Pictures, we have a lot of precious picture reminders since January 2004. These memories will remain in my heart forever, because I saw you grow from a lovely newborn to a naughty toddler, a clever preschooler, a diligent student, and a human rights activist. Keep working hard to make this world a better place! In the first 18 years of your life, you have achieved countless achievements, and I look forward to where your life will go. The sky is the limit, my dear child! Just stay focused, work hard, and always do your best!

You have grown into a loving, caring and intelligent person. I am surprised by your talent, hard work, dedication and cleverness. Remember, what is given to you is a gift from God, but what you get from life is a gift you give to God. As an older you, you are mature and sensible. But before you go to university and be alone, I want you to know many things. Read some of my words of wisdom below, there is no particular importance-

  • Love and respect yourself

Be confident and take care of yourself first, because self-care and self-worth are the basis for you to be able to make a difference around you. Start small and spread your love, enthusiasm, kindness and tolerance to others.

  • Choose your friends wisely

As they say, you will become your friend.Choose your friend As people who have the same values ​​and beliefs as acquaintances. Agree or disagree is completely possible, but choose to be with people who continue to inspire you, grow you, keep you on the right path and point your life in the right direction.

I hope you can make the right choice in every decision you make. Remember, you always have a choice when making a decision.

  • We love you, we will always love you no matter what

Remember, family is not just a body of flesh and blood, but a powerful inner bond that binds us together. We will always love you and support you!

  • Go big while keeping your feet on the ground

The goal is to reach the sky is good, but remember to always be humble and down to earth.

I hope that through your father’s financial management skills, you will learn how to make money, save, spend and grow your money

  • Simple life, far-sighted

This sentence is a good way of life. Simple life and noble thoughts will take you to the place.

Feel comfortable with yourself and don’t change yourself to adapt to people, friends or society.

As a mother, I cannot emphasize the importance of communication. Even a small greeting or text emoji can help us with daily sign-in.

Every action has consequences, so it is important to be 100% sure of what you do and be prepared to take responsibility and ownership.

  • You are a role model for others

Don’t apply any pressure, but remember that you are a role model for your brothers, sisters and other family members. Never forget the sacrifices and hard work your family has made to get you where you are now. Don’t take everything for granted.Our ancestors have been by your side to cheer and support you

  • Always work hard and do your best

Remember, there are no shortcuts to hard work. Always try our best in all efforts.

  • Study hard and play a little

As a college student who has just graduated from high school, studying in college and getting good grades should be your top priority. Have fun, but remember to stay focused.

My favorite maternal love idiom

From my previous post The joy of maternal love, Here are some of my favorite mother idioms, I think these idioms are very appropriate and close to my heart, I hope you remember——

You can do whatever you want.

Remember who you are and who you are.

Personality is how you behave when no one is watching.

Make the right decision.

Make wise choices.


Learn from your mistakes

Pay for

Be a blessing!

tomorrow is a new day

This will also pass

Happiness is a choice

What matters is not what you say, but what you say

Be proud of your appearance and work

We are all in progress

Be kind to yourself and others

Action speaks louder than words

Everyone should start over

Don’t postpone what you can do today to tomorrow

Always tell the truth

Nothing good happens after midnight

Treat others like you want them to treat you

Never put the key to happiness in someone else’s pocket

Trust your instinct

Fairness is not equal to

Life is not fair

everything happens for a reason

Know your value

Put kindness first

Smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear

Today is a good day, a good day!

Wait to see how you feel in the morning

You got this!

Be the change you want to see in the world

Choice has consequences

Life is your own creation

Do the right thing!

Important is good, but better is more important

attitude decides everything

Do your best, don’t stress

When you know better, you will do better

Never exceed what you can give

There is no perfect thing

Repeatedly, you get what you paid for

It all starts with you!

in conclusion

I wish you all the best today, forever! When you are ready to fly out of the lair, please remember that this is your home, and you will always have a place in this house and in our hearts. Just because you are leaving this house does not mean anything. Although we will not see you every day, we will still talk every day and will always be part of each other’s lives. I wish you all the best as you prepare to fly and spread your wings-the sky is the limit! I can’t wait to see your future and where you are going! I also wish you a happy birthday in advance! !

With a lot of love, blessings and hugs forever—— your mom!

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Dear readers, we would be happy to hear from you. Are you a parent? Have you ever experienced children leaving home, growing up, and flying? When the child starts a new journey away from home, what advice would you give mom and child?Send love to everyone

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