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Andrew Yang acknowledges and vows to cooperate with the next mayor of New York

Associated Press Report

Yang Ande

The voting has ended. The voting has ended. However, the leading contenders may have to wait a long time and anxiously before the accurate results of the New York City mayor’s primary election. This is the first citywide election that uses ranked selection voting.

If elected, several candidates to succeed mayor Bill de Blasio may make history. The city may have a first female mayor, or a second black mayor, depending on who comes first.

Former presidential candidate Andrew Young, who returned early and far behind, made concessions about two hours after the poll and vowed to cooperate with the next mayor.

However, with the debut of the ranked voting system and a large number of absentee votes still at least a week away from the statistics, the winner of the Democratic race may have to wait until July.

As the results gradually emerged, Brooklyn mayor Eric Adams and former city health commissioner Kathryn Garcia and former de Blasio government lawyer Maya Wiley ( Maya Wiley) has launched a fierce competition. He is a former sheriff and co-founder of the leading group of black police officers.

“This is an amazing journey,” Adams told reporters after voting in Brooklyn, and he emotionally recounted how he began to enter law enforcement and politics when he was beaten by police at the age of 15. “A little boy lying on the floor of the 103rd substation and beaten by the police can now become the mayor in charge of the police station.”

In the Republican primary elections, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa defeated businessman Fernando Mateo. Ranking selection voting is not a factor, because there are only two candidates in the competition.

But in the Democratic election, the initial picture may be misleading. After the voting ended at 9 pm, the New York City Election Commission began to announce the results of the face-to-face voting, but the initial picture will only include data on which candidates are listed as preferred.

The ranking selection system was approved for use in the New York City primary and special elections through a referendum in 2019, allowing voters to rank up to five candidates on the ballot.

Then, in computerized rounds, the vote is tabulated, the last person is eliminated in each round, and then the votes for that person are redistributed to the surviving candidates according to the voter ranking. This process continues until only two candidates remain. The person with the most votes wins.

Until June 29th, the election committee will not use the new system to count these votes. It will not include any absent ballots in the analysis until July 6, and any count before then may be unreliable.

As of June 21, the city has received more than 87,000 absentee ballots, and more ballots are expected to arrive in the coming days.

On June 23, the AAPI Victory Fund issued a statement congratulating Yang on his fierce campaign and condemning the mainstream media for positioning the candidate Yang as a symbolic “foreigner.”

Varun Nikore, President of AAPI Victory Fund, said in a statement: “Although his competition is not equal to victory, Yang provides a platform for the AAPI community to raise common problems on this platform. These problems affect the entire AAPI people. The thoughts and hearts of the country are still becoming more and more important.

“However, in addition to rekindling hope, Yang’s campaign also revealed that the mainstream media spread misinformation, hatred, and ultimately led to the violence experienced by our communities in insidious ways.”

The statement continued: “Andrew Young is a New Yorker. He grew up in New York and was educated in American schools, where he raised his two sons and established his own company here. It is offensive to assert that anything different is true. , Harmful and downright dangerous… AAPI is still underrepresented in our American politics. This game explains why. The AAPI Victory Fund will redouble its efforts to ensure that a fair society is built, so that everyone has success Freedom and opportunity.”

Ruth Bayang contributed to this report.

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