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Anuradhapura: A mind-changing tour of the ancient capital

Embracing this chapter is like embracing an ancient shrine, leading one thread to another. Halfway through Jaffna to Habana on a sunny, suffocating afternoon – I instinctively stop at Sri Lanka’s oldest capital, Anuradhapura. Stone pagodas, gigantic stupas, temple ruins and biblical springs: the ruins of Anuradhapura are one of South Asia’s most evocative archaeological wonders.

Most stays are holy places! Here, the winds of Sakwala Chakraya lift the stargate map of Ranmasu Uyana, while the supreme bell-shaped temple casts light on Buddhist culture. Every corner of Anuradhapura talks to you, mainly chanting glyphs of Buddhism, statecraft and collective beliefs.

Anuradhapura is not crowded, as I have encountered elsewhere, it is quiet, sacred, yet immerses you in the opulence of historic exoticism. I wandered through Ranmasu Uyana’s stargate Sakwala Chakraya to overdose on EMF. The EMF surrounding the rock with the engraved impression of “Sakwala Chakraya” is very strong. In no time, I had mastered the lotus position, sitting cross-legged in the ancient Buddhist asana of the cross-legged lotus position, unleashing the power of a dimensional traveler and quietly focusing on the central Sakwala chakra.

After meditating for a few minutes, the air slowly rose from my ribs to my chest to the top of my head and I felt a powerful force pull me into the mystery of the hollow rock where several monks longed to travel to different dimensions. . I can feel the earth move under my feet, my heart trembles, my faith trembles.

Weaving around Ruwanweliseya, the outer noises died away in silence. The large stone Mahathupa of Ruwanwelisaya is baked in the hot Lankan sun and attracts a two-quart Buddha relic in the background. As the scene unfolds, a huge white bell-shaped stupa emerges, revealing the worldly allure of the Sinhalese king Dutugemunu: the great Mahathupa, built in 140 BC . Hands down stories tell of this hemispherical structure depicting the reshaping of Buddhist values ​​and their global translation.

My visit to the spiritual capital of Sri Lanka taught me about the wall of dominance that followed the defeat of King Elāra of Chora. Why did Ruwanwelisaya gain the respect of Atamasthana or Solosmasthana? Ruwanwelisaya, also known as Swarnamali or Rathnamali Seya in Pali, is one of the tallest ancient monuments in the world. Rathnamali Seya is 338 feet above sea level and 950 feet in diameter, giving the impression of an artistic past. Read Mahavamsa’s great chronicle for details of its founding and opening history.

According to legend, Indra brought the golden throne, Brahma granted him the supernatural throne, Arhat Indra built a metal awning for the universe, and monks chanted scriptures to activate Ruwanwelisaya. At the same time, until the end of Gautama Buddha’s immunity, every butter lamp in the Mahavira Hall shone brightly. Sandalwood mud keeps it moist, and everything made of gold keeps its luster. It is this mass meditation that has led to the conversion of 120 million people to Arhatship. In the conversation with the monk ABC, I learned that the original relic was placed in a stone-sealed chamber that cannot be staggered by earthquakes.

Until the 19th century, Ruwanwelisaya Stupa was surrounded by dense forests! Now that it’s visible to the naked eye: visit it and experience Zen and spiritual freedom. No matter where you start your Anuradpur itinerary, finish the day with a visit to the sacred tree of Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi at the Mahamewna Gardens. Sri Maha Bodhi is the product of the first Bodhi tree received in Sri Lanka. Sri Maha Bodhi transcends Anuradhapura into orbit, like a sacred space that inspires moral life. Circling its roots took me on an inner journey.

A self-voyage that made me question the unknowingly founded Buddhism that meddles in all war-filled spaces. Thankfully, most chose peace over corpses. This feeling is intensified when you observe the quiet monks meditating quietly in a corner. Undeterred by the pilgrims, Anuradhapura is also a military passage, otherwise it is a hospitable town and a great place to spend an extra day. This is the perfect place to enjoy freedom and find serenity in the peaceful ancient capital of Sri Lanka.

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