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Arizona Secretary of State Calls on AG to Investigate Trump Camp Intervention in Election

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs calls on State Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate the former president Donald Trump And others were suspected of trying to “interfere” in Maricopa County election officials last year.

Democrat Hobbs sent this letter to Republican Brnovich. Earlier news reported that Trump and several of his allies tried to contact Maricopa County after losing to the president at a slight disadvantage in Arizona. Officials. Joe Biden, According to Arizona RepublicHobbs said that people suspected of attempting to artificially change the election results in favor of Trump may face felony charges.

“I am writing today to urge you to investigate and take appropriate enforcement actions for possible violations of Arizona’s election laws recently reported by the Republic of Arizona,” Hobbes wrote to Brnovich. “I urge you to take action not only to seek justice in this situation, but also to prevent future attempts to interfere with the integrity of our elections. If your ethical duties prevent you from investigating this matter, I ask you to submit it to another Law enforcement agencies.”

Hobbs added: “Arizona law protects election officials from those who try to interfere with their sacred duty to determine and prove the voters’ will.” “But if people with the authority to enforce the law are unwilling to do the same thing, So what protection is there for officials who perform their duties despite the threat of political retaliation?”

Hobbes cited an Arizona law that prohibits interference with election officials “in any way” while attempting to “coax” officials to “violate or refuse to comply” with their duties-a fifth-level felony in the state.

Republican lawmakers in Arizona voted at the end of last month to deprive Hobbes of the legal power to defend or choose not to defend the state’s election laws in court. Power was transferred to Brnovich, who defended a restrictive state law backed by the federal government. Supreme Court last week.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs called for investigations into former President Donald Trump and several of his allies for allegedly attempting to “interfere” in the presidential election last year. Trump poses for a photo at a press conference in Bedminster, New Jersey, July 7, 2021.
Michael M. Santiago/Netflix Brazil

Republic It was reported last week that Trump made Two failed attempts At the end of December and early January, we contacted Clint Hickman, then the chairman of the Republican Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani He had previously tried to contact Hickman after the election, and the voice mail left showed him that Trump asked him to call him, and he hoped there would be “a good way to solve this problem for everyone.”

According to reports, Kelli Ward, the chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, also sent a message to warn Hickman that he would “be remembered as the leader of the accusation of fraudulent elections” and asked him to “stop counting votes.” It is said that another message from Ward urged Hickman and other board members to contact pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who filed a series of lawsuits across the country aimed at overturning the election, but was unsuccessful.

Ward later called the newspaper’s report “nonsense” Twitter, Although the report includes screenshots of the audio of text messages and voicemails obtained in response to Maricopa County’s public records request.

Hobbs recently announced that she will participate in the Arizona governor election next year. She hopes to succeed Doug Ducey, the Republican governor, who is unable to stand for election because Arizona law prohibits the governor from serving for more than two consecutive terms. Brnovich will also participate in the 2022 election, seeking a Republican nomination to challenge the current Democratic Senator Mark Kelly.

Weekly newspaper Contacted the offices of Trump and Brunovic for comments.

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