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Artist Maya Lin presents major new works in response to climate change

Artist Maya Lin presents major new works in response to climate change

Angeline Joel Dimanbro
|June 22, 2021

On June 10, 2021, the famous artist, designer and environmentalist Maya Lin discussed her recent work in an online event co-hosted by the following organizations forum, Social Difference Research Center, Art academy, Columbia World Project, with Earth Institute. She and Andrew Levkin, Director of Communications Innovation and Impact Initiative, Earth Institute. Watch the conversation below.

Lin Maya From Office of the President of Columbia University on Vimeo.

Carol BeckerThe Dean of the School of Art said: “There are few creators who can move as smart, unexpectedly and smoothly as between architecture, art, science, analysis and intuition. Maya Lin is a rare artist with a very developed poetic emotion , And create sculptural conceptual gestures in the public landscape, allowing individuals and society to participate in history, memory, visual and representation politics, civil rights, the earth itself, and human intervention in nature.”

Lin was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2009, the highest honor for American artistic excellence. Later, President Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016, who praised her outstanding career in the arts and the arts. architecture.Lin is also famous for creating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a healing sanctuary in Washington, DC

Ghost forest: the destruction of climate change

Lin discusses first Ghost forest, Will be exhibited at Madison Square Park in New York City from now until November 14, 2021. Ghost forest It is a towering forest of 49 Atlantic white cedar trees, symbolizing the destruction of climate change. The height of each tree (approximately 40 feet) exceeds the size of a human being, symbolizing the huge impact of an imminent environmental disaster.

Lin described the creative process of the project she installed in downtown Manhattan earlier this year.Just like her outdoor work before-ranging from Civil Rights Memorial In Montgomery, Alabama, Confluence project, About the Columbia River System——Ghost forest Is site-specific. However, although many of Lin Qian’s works are permanent installations, Ghost forest It is a temporary work.

Maya Lin’s “Ghost Forest” will be on display at Madison Square Park in New York City, and the exhibition will last until November 14, 2021.

The project was inspired by when Lin was in her home in Colorado, where the conifers recently died due to the warm winter. Lin traced the similarities between this continuing environmental loss and similar phenomena in New Jersey, where the local cedar trees are suffering from tree rot as the groundwater level continues to infiltrate and the salinity rises. Therefore, the affected cedar will usually die within two to three order to Ghost forestLin purchased a batch of cedars that were dying due to the flooding of nearby rivers.

Lin and her team chose to appear in Ghost forest, A meticulous and difficult process. The trees were then transported to their temporary residence in Madison Park, where Lin installed her haunting grove. “I studied how to talk to the trees in the park,” she said. “I set the grove to be irregular, but it is difficult to make some things feel natural, so I tried to make a work that would never line up.”

What is missing?Call to action

although Ghost forest It’s an independent work, and it’s also an iteration of Lin’s ongoing digital project. What is missing?, It has created an understanding of the current sixth mass extinction through science-based works of art.The project also links this species loss with habitat degradation and loss, and emphasizes the use of conservation and Restoration of habitat, We can not only reduce carbon emissions, but also protect species.

“I call What is missing My fifth and final memorial,” Lin said. “I started making it about 20 years ago, and the strange thing is that I have been building it in full view with multi-faceted parts. I was attracted to deal with the cultural and political issues of my growing up-war, women’s rights, civil rights, Native American rights. I have cared about the environment since I was a child, so for this project, I established my non-profit foundation.versus Ghost forest, What is missing Focusing on the loss not only wakes you up for action, but also proposes solutions. “

Mapping the future, Lin and her team have been working hard for the past two years and is a new interactive supplement What is missing? It requires viewers to imagine a new way forward and share personal stories of environmental losses or changes they have witnessed. Share a memory, The project suggests that what you see is reduced or disappeared from the natural world.

“It is vital that people take a step back and have the ability to look at the big picture. Lin has effectively done this through these works,” Revkin said.

“As an artist, I always ask, how can I help envision a sustainable future?” Lin said.

Angeline Joelle Dimambro is a screenwriter/director Master of Arts student at the Academy of Arts.

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