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Baby Shark: Sing and Swim Party Game

Ours is a family of gamers. Whether it’s the Nintendo Switch, PS5, PC or our Oculus, one of us is often in the game.We’re excited to gain new access Baby Shark: Sing and Swim Party Game from Outright Games Here’s more information about the game’s goals…

Swim through the wide waters with a family of sharks and enjoy Finch Festival as performers sing, dance and rock out! Baby Shark: Singing and Swimming Party.

Sing and swim to fish songs from original films, including Baby Shark Dance and more.

Visit iconic ocean locations like Tropicana Bay, Ocean City, and more.

Choose from five customizable playable characters! Play your way through running or rhythm modes and be rewarded with tons of music cards that can be added to your album.
Are you ready to cross the magical ocean? There’s some chin, let’s go!

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Baby Shark: Sing and Swim Party Game Ages 3+

Players can choose from five customizable characters familiar from the iconic songs and TV series.

First up is the rhythm game. Here you have to press the correct button on the console control, which corresponds to the bubble that is about to move at the bottom of the screen. The Baby Shark theme song plays as you try to hit the bubbles at the right time.
My youngest has autism and I thought maybe the coordination required at this level might be a little tricky for him, but he seems to get along just fine.

Little ones can collect fun rewards throughout the game, which can be viewed in the extras menu.

There are tons of fun activities to take part in, including swimming and collecting stars while avoiding certain objects along the way, discovering new songs, visiting different oceans, and more!
I can see Baby Shark fans absolutely loving Baby Shark: Singing and Swimming Party Game! They will definitely love singing along to their favorite songs while they play.
Available for Playstation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
If you know someone who loves Baby Shark: Christmas Sing and Swim Party you can purchase it at Amazon!

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