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Battered domestic workers challenge Hong Kong’s human trafficking record

U.S. officials stated in their latest report in 2021 that Hong Kong is identifying Victims of trafficking And prosecute the abusers to keep them on the “second-level watch list” together with countries such as Belarus, Liberia, and Thailand.

The authors of the report wrote: “The lack of laws criminalizing all forms of trafficking hinders the ability of officials to investigate and prosecute suspected traffickers.”

The Hong Kong government lashed out at this assessment in a statement on Friday, calling it “biased and unreasonable” and stating that human trafficking “has never been a common problem in Hong Kong.”

In a legal briefing, CB’s lawyers stated that they plan to argue that Hong Kong needs “customized legislation” to combat forced labor.

They also plan to challenge the police’s decision not to classify her as a victim of human trafficking or forced labor-an assessment that may mean that Apsop will face more serious charges and a longer sentence.

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