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Bezos sues his girlfriend’s brother

Jeff Bezos sued Michael Sanchez, his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez’s brother, Michael Sanchez, accusing Michael Sanchez of hiding money that could be used to pay Amazon’s CEO legal fees after losing a defamation lawsuit.

Michael Sanchez sued Bezos initially Last year, the billionaire accused him of leaking private text messages to the media and exposing Bezos’s relationship with Lauren Sanchez and tarnished his name.

Sanchez continued to claim, Bezos It is implied that he also shared photos of Bezos’ private parts with the media, which helped damage his image.

A judge finally dismissed the case and ordered Sanchez to pay Bezos’ attorney’s fees totaling $254,404. However, Sanchez has not paid the fee.

Bezos suspects that Sanchez is doing something to hide his money, such as transferring the ownership of his $2.5 million West Hollywood home to a shell company.

Sanchez’s lawyer Tom Warren had previously told Seattle Times Bezos is using lawsuits to intimidate his customers.

“Earlier this week, Mr. Sanchez authorized his team to coordinate the payment of the judgment with Mr. Bezos’ lawyers,” Warren said in a statement.

“If Mr. Bezos’ lawyers bothered to contact Mr. Sanchez’s lawyers before they filed a lawsuit against Mr. Sanchez, they would know this would be the case.”

Warren later told TMZ, “The world is accusing Mr. Bezos of not paying his due taxes, exploiting Amazon employees, and spreading false conspiracy theories about the future king of Saudi Arabia. You can now add the brother-in-law who bullied his future. To the list.”

Sanchez is appealing the defamation lawsuit and hopes that the judge will sanction Bezos “In pursuit of sanctions and dismissed boring motions.”

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