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Biden has “multiple options” to respond to Russian hackers

The White House Press Secretary Biden’s administration is considering a “series of options” to respond to the recent cyber attacks by Russian hackers Jean Psaki Said Wednesday.

The White House has not yet attributed the attacks to specific actors or countries. Cyber ​​security experts linked these attacks to a Russian cybercriminal organization called “REvil.”

According to the FBI, the organization is related to a ransomware attack against JBS USA, the largest beef supplier in the United States.

Friday’s ransomware attack on software company Kaseya may have damaged as many as 1,500 companies, making it one of the largest ransomware attacks in history.

Psakiya Tell reporter Biden will meet with the State Department, the Department of Justice and the Department of Home Security to discuss the best strategy to combat ransomware.

“What they did discuss was that the President reserves the right to respond to any ransomware networks and those that harbor them. This is still his policy,” Psaki said.

Biden faces calls to boycott Russian cyberattacks. Since taking office, Biden has imposed sanctions on the Russian government due to a large-scale Solarwinds cyber attack and its interference in the 2020 election.

On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee resolved a recent hacker attack, claiming that it did not steal any of their data, but a third-party technology service provider called Synnex was compromised.

“We will continue to work with Microsoft and federal law enforcement officials in this way,” said RNC Chairman Richard Walters.

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