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Black Lotus App: Practice self-transformation

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The past few days have been very stressful for all of us. The things around us have changed drastically! With so many negative emotions in the air, meditation has become a necessity now. Although there are many apps that can help people meditate, how do you choose which one to use? To help you, I published the app that I have been using for the past few weeks, and it has helped me stay calm. Black Lotus excites me because it is more than just a meditation application. It combines mindfulness with random acts of kindness to keep you happy while tracking activities.

Black lotus

Using the Black Lotus meditation app, I have been staying away from anxiety, sleeping better, more efficiently, and most importantly, I feel compassionate. Black Lotus was chosen because it is the only meditation application in the world that uses a proprietary framework, RARE, to transcend meditation. rare Translate into reflection, action, reinforcement and evaluation. Reflect is a short meditation that Black Lotus encourages you to practice every day. ACT means doing random acts of kindness, such as feeding stray dogs, getting in touch with friends and relatives, and so on. Reinforce allows you to read a few minutes of inspiring content to shape your point of view. The Evaluate function is to review daily introspection and progress to determine the best route correction.

Black lotus

As the application continues to be used, you begin to collect rare points to get you on a path. Speaking of it, the Tao here is a step-by-step flow chart from the aspirant to the master. However, to reach the Guru level, you must have 97,000 reflection and action points, 5250 reinforcement points and 32,000 evaluation points. There is no doubt that Black Lotus App is developed based on in-depth research and understanding of behavioral sciences and cultivating meditation habits. The app store rating of 4.8+ is convincingly true and fully demonstrates the obvious positive changes Black Lotus has brought to your life after 21 days of continuous use.

With the help of Black Lotus, you can perform breathing exercises, exercise concentration and mindfulness, indulge in music and expert-guided courses, relieve stress, and even meditate silently. All you need to do is to follow the RARE framework for 15 minutes to T every day! Do you think you can reach the master level? Isolation and lockdown are the best time to challenge friends, colleagues, and family members who wish to remain calm while doing some good deeds. Self-transformation starts here. To make your journey worthwhile, I offer 2 weeks of free premium membership-just use my code VEIDEHIBL.

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