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Bringing humanity back to service, sales and marketing

What I really love about my job is being able to see things that most of us are too busy – or perhaps too distracted or biased – to see, and thereby bring people together to achieve a greater The goal.

Here’s what Brian Solis, global head of innovation at ServiceNow, keynote speaker, and best-selling author of eight books, has to say about the inspiration for his work.

For anyone working in marketing, sales, or service, it’s easy to forget that there’s a real person on the other side of every interaction, especially in a digital and AI-first world. But Brian’s goal is to bring humanity back to marketing.

When companies rely too much on technology stacks, he says, “Technology can take humans out of the equation.” As a result, we tend to focus too much on transactional metrics like clicks, opens, conversions, and sales instead of trying to build relationships.

“Once you learn more about the person you’re trying to reach,” he says, “the sale, nurturing or conversation will happen.”

Brian is a practicing futurist and digital anthropologist who believes artificial intelligence can bring marketers closer to people.

“Somewhere along the way, we confused technology and transactions,” he said.Marketers should approach artificial intelligence by thinking about what they want customers to feel rather than what they want customers to have Do.

“If you look at technology differently, as investing in relationships and meaningful outcomes,” you’ll get exponential returns, he said.

As far as this episode is concerned Become a marketerBrian and host Dave CharestDirector of SME Success continuous contactdiscusses how business owners, founders, and Fortune 500 executives can people Back to their use of digital marketing and artificial intelligence.

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