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Change-my keywords of the week

Spent a stable week here. I have a lot of work to do, homeschooling went well, and I also managed to do more work outside.
There are some small changes to make this week more enjoyable, and now we are ready for the beginning of the weekend!

A well-deserved rest day

As far as I can remember, Craig has worked 6 days a week. For people who have undergone a heart transplant, he works very hard. He makes me incredibly proud. With the calm of the coal season, he returned to rest on Saturday, which will bring a lovely change. We are very happy to spend the weekend together again, and I hope to squeeze out some National Trust visits.


I was cut! Gone are the days of Hagrid’s hairstyle. My hair was finally cut off and I feel much better. I just need to apply dye and continue to use anti-frizz serum. Does anyone have curly hair in this humid weather?

I still like to take a walk, but due to the recent hot weather, I have been waking up early and leaving at dawn instead of in the evening. The first is that it is much cooler, you can enjoy all the wild animals on the canal before the world wakes up.
I found a lot of fish, there are them in the canal.

How did you go last week?

Join lovely Annie and her link #WotW.

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