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Cofactor Genomics Unveils New Data Showing Novel OncoPrism Diagnostic is Nearly Twice as Accurate as PD-L1 in Identifying Immunotherapy Responders

Cofactor Genomics, a Predictive Immune Modeling company, today presented initial results from the PREDAPT (Predicting Immunotherapy Efficacy From Analysis of Pre-treatment Tumor Biopsies) multicenter clinical trial at this week’s Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Precision Health Meeting. Data show that Cofactor’s OncoPrism test using Predictive Immune Modeling was nearly twice as accurate as PD-L1 assays in determining patients that will benefit from immunotherapies such as Keytruda (pembrolizumab).   

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Key Takeaways:

  • Data presented at AGBT Precision Health show that Cofactor’s technology is more predictive than PD-L1 assays
  • OncoPrism-HNSCC outperforms PD-L1 in patient cohorts from decentralized, multisite clinical trial
  • Cofactor’s multidimensional biomarker approach will be used in 11 cancers through the PREDAPT trial

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Predicting Immunotherapy Efficacy From Analysis of Pre-treatment Tumor Biopsies (PREDAPT) is a national clinical trial sponsored by Cofactor Genomics working and in collaboration with the leaders in decentralized clinical trials, CureBase. The trial’s goal is to evaluate the predictive power of Cofactor’s Predictive Immune Modeling approach and the biomarkers generated to predict which patients will ultimately benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitors across 11 cancers.

About Cofactor Genomics

Cofactor Genomics is bridging the precision medicine gap by building diagnostic tools to match the right patient to the right treatment at the right time. Predicting patient response to therapy currently relies on isolated, single-analyte biomarkers that have failed to deliver accurate therapy response predictions, resulting in unnecessary healthcare costs, and most harmfully, negative outcomes for patients. Cofactor’s products use Predictive Immune Modeling, which leverages RNA data and machine learning to combine biological signals, creating multidimensional biomarkers to deliver on the promise of precision medicine. Cofactor Genomics offers its full-service molecular, informatic, and database tools to make drug discovery, clinical trials and therapy selection more successful.

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