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Commentary: Vote Republican

Frederick Sue

Frederick Sue

Democrats love big government and a non-color-blind society—supporting racial preferences. Instead, Republicans believe in the freedoms our constitutional republic (smaller government) and colorblind society provides.

Harvard rejects Asian-Americans for admission, gives more points if the applicant is black or Hispanic, or demotes Asians on personality scales (enough!).

Trump’s Justice Department sided with Asian-Americans suing Harvard for discrimination. Republicans believe in a colorblind meritocracy.

Do you like the recently passed Democrats’ Reduce Inflation Act (ha!) that expanded the IRS to include 87,000 new agents? Are you a small business owner? Don’t assume those agents won’t vet you.

Do you lock your house or business at night or when you’re out? Then you should support the secure borders that happened under Trump. Biden’s open-door policies endanger America.
Biden once said, “Zero inflation. Zero.” Do you trust him when you fill up your gas tank and buy food?

More and more Asian Americans are arming themselves against crime and growing anti-Asian hostility.

When Democrats push for gun control, ask them what part of the Second Amendment sentence “the people’s right to keep and bear arms shall not be violated” they don’t understand. Democrats want to defund the police and pet terrorists and thugs. Left-wing prosecutors allow violent criminals to return to the streets. Democrats then want to deny your right to bear arms to protect yourself and your family. “MAGA Republicans have no respect for the Constitution,” Biden falsely asserted. This comes from a man who banned “assault weapons” and F-15s against unconstitutional gun owners.

Trump calls the mainstream media “fake news” because they keep lying to him. Fox News shows Trump saying: “I’m not a white supremacist.” He has denied white supremacy 38 times. Did the mainstream media cover these claims? In addition, the Mueller report exonerated Trump of collusion with Russia. Fake news creates false opinions. Identify the truth.

Is climate change (which they can’t prove to be man-made) an existential threat to America more than communist China? Republicans believe that we are heading for a war with China, and we better prepare for it, not with a Walker Army, but with a Warrior Army.

The left hates America. They don’t think the goals America fought for in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World War II are worth saving. Although not without flaws, America offers freedoms and opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere. My great grandparents immigrated to Hawaii from China for a better life. My grandmother accompanied her husband to China, where he hoped to die.

But she didn’t move her kids there. She knew that America offered opportunity and freedom. She celebrates hard work and capitalism by example. My father and uncle served in the US Army during WWII. They love America. Republicans love America.

We are on a dangerous path. The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago drove half the country crazy.

Biden calls half the population terrorists. We may still be in a second civil war. A just and just America is rapidly disappearing under the Democratic Party. The United States, once respected by its allies and feared by its enemies, has become a laughing stock. (Remember Afghanistan?) Weakness invites aggression. Putin will never invade Ukraine under Trump’s watch. China threatens Taiwan. The Third World War is getting closer.

America survives through common sense (no bullshit), strength, and obedience to the Constitution. If we don’t get the ship of the nation right by electing Republicans soon, your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will live in a less peaceful (and possibly less liberal) United States of America.

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