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Dating-keywords of the week

Raise your hand who spent a pleasant relaxing weekend! I have it, and it’s cute. To be honest, the past week or so has been a bit struggling. Going to school at home, working at home, and a villain crashing many times make me really tired, I am tired! Therefore, with the roar of it, it is forward and upward.

After the blockade, we are still catching up with the appointment here. I think everyone is in the same boat. I think there will be some kind of appointment every week!

Double spines

I had the second jab last Sunday, so Craig and I have both received double jabs now. I am lucky that there are no side effects. I take it for granted that the arm is sore, because even after the flu vaccine, I still have this, but not at all. I am really happy, although I am looking forward to milking a little bit.

Heart check

Craig had a heart check on Thursday. I’m always relieved after finishing, even more so than Craig. Everything goes well and he is in good health. The transplant team is very satisfied with him, so we will continue as always and thank our donors because we have this time together.

New glasses

During the pandemic, we stay away from the opticians for as long as possible, but Jayden needs new glasses, and Craig needs new glasses.
I haven’t worn glasses for several years. I wore them when I was young to correct lazy eyes (the same goes for Jaden). My vision has improved and I no longer need glasses as an adult, but I think it might change during the next check-up. During a week of work, I stare at the monitor screen for hours, sometimes my eyes feel tense and sore.
Who knows, I might look smarter with glasses! Ha ha.

How did you go last week?

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