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December 2-4: Watch the 2022 Best of Local Food Summit!

I’ve believed in the power of using food and herbs as medicine for decades, and have talked about it for almost as long.

And, yes, I’ve made some amazing connections along the way, with like-minded people who also believe in the power of nutrient-dense food and nature’s remedies.

people like Good Guy David, Donna Gates, Dr. Patrick Jones, Ira Wallace, James Fry, Lori Valentine Rose, Kami McBride, Kevin Espiritu, Anne-Marie “Dash” Miller and Dr. Elena Upton.

You’ve heard from all of them over the years through my annual Homegrown Food Summit…

…with everything going on in the world right now, it seems like it’s time to bring back their most popular message and shout it from the rooftops!

So we took a look back at all the homegrown food summits over the years, and Handpicked 12 of our absolute favorite presentations featured in our “Best Homegrown Food Summit”!

Check out the speaker schedule here:

2022 Best of Local Food Summit Schedule

imagine No longer dependent on factory farming-based food supply chains This is damaging the planet and our health from the outside…

… ended up giving us junk food anyway!

imagine Know how to grow, prepare and use your own medicines to treat many common ailments

…and stop relying on pharmacy purchases virtually Treat the symptoms but not the root cause?

If that’s you, you won’t want to miss the valuable information in our Best of Homegrown Food Summit.

>>>Click here to claim your spot!

if you want Grow your own nutrient-dense foodbut discouraged by setbacks…

…or just hoping for a bigger and better harvest…

If you’ve delved into home remedies but would like more guidance on…

…or you’ve always wanted to try natural treatment but intimidated…

Most importantly, if you are tired of powerlessness or no choice when it comes to food and drug quality…

……And is Get ready to transform into the food-producing, pharmaceutical hero of your own story (!)…

Grab your seat at the Best Local Food Summit now!

I can’t wait to see you there!

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