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Dog breeds that can jump high-seven magic dogs that can jump higher than you

Did you know that the small dog Papillon is one of the best dog jumpers? Read on to discover seven special dog breeds that can jump very high.

Dog lovers and others know that dogs can run fast and jump high.Watching dogs participating in some dog sports, such as agile, Amazing because they look like superb creatures.

It seems that they are not tired, but in fact, we all know that only tired dogs are good dogs.

If you tend to view dog videos online, you may have noticed that those videos with dogs jumping a lot are the most popular videos, and among these videos, the Belgian Malinois is usually the leading breed.

They can jump so high that you might think that special training is not needed… but do they? Generally speaking, the jumping ability of a dog depends on the breed and overall health of the dog.

Some dogs can jump up to six feet high, jump into the air or over objects such as fences or obstacles, while others can only jump a few inches off the ground.

E.g, Small dog Breeds with extremely short legs and poor agility can hardly jump, while larger, stronger, and more agile breeds can easily jump very high.

Unsurprisingly, older dogs or older dogs with health problems may not be able to jump high at all.

On the other hand, younger, healthier dogs are more likely to jump or skip high places.

People should not force dogs to jump uncontrollably, and should always know how high their dogs can jump.

For most breeds, a six-foot fence is sufficient, and good jumpers, or those who can jump fairly, can easily jump to eight feet.

Now, let us see which dog breeds are the ultimate champions of the high jump.

7 dog breeds that can jump high

Certain dog breeds are better at jumping than others.

Like some dogs are better at Swim Compared with other breeds, some breeds have a better tendency to jump.

They have a natural ability to jump high and run fast. If you already have a dog, you know that jumping is natural for them, which is the opposite of those who need to stretch and warm up for a long time before moving suddenly.

If you want to know how much your dog can jump, the math is simple: Dogs can jump 1-3 times their height! However, if you notice that your dog has any joint problems, please don’t force it.

To be more sure how much your dog can jump, please measure him. Try to measure them from the “withers” to the ground.

Withers is another term for the highest point of the shoulder. To find out who is the best jumper in the canine world, read on.

Border collie

The Border Collie is one of the smartest breeds in existence, with extremely high energy levels. If you use it carefully, this variety can learn more than 100 commands and put your time and energy into training.

This is a sturdy dog ​​with a smooth outline that gives them a sporty appearance.

They have longer bodies that are the opposite of their height, and have the power of her livestock all day long. In terms of agility and other dog sports, this is the ultimate breed.

An adult border collie can jump more than 6 feet from a standing height.

This breed originally came from the United Kingdom, and today it is mainly referred to as an excellent Australian dog. The border collie can live for 10 to 17 years.

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog is another active breed that can jump high. In the 19th century, their main job was to keep hungry birds and sheep away from the legion.

Although they are mostly pets today, they are still busy on many farms around the world. Some of them have been trained in pet Olympics.

They are very smart and obedient, especially if they have snacks and food. They like interesting training courses and pay a lot of attention to food.

So if you want to train your Shetland Sheepdog Jump use treats as your weapon, next to active training reinforcement methods.

Next to the border collie, the Shetland Sheepdog is considered one of the best in the field agile – They are excellent at vertical jumping.


These small dogs are excellent jumpers. They are equally elegant and powerful. In addition, they have a strong and robust attitude, which helps them to dominate the dog sports field.

They are known as companion dogs with high energy levels and are always Pointed ears Help them have a distinctive appearance.

They are small compared to sporty puppies, but when it comes to pet Olympics, these puppies are the ultimate champions. butterfly Easy to train and very obedient, but because they are very active, they need early training and socializing.

They need to walk at least once a day, run regularly, and humans who can play and fetch the ball.

If you are considering buying Papillon or you already own it, please consider training He as soon as possible. Their life expectancy is often between 13 and 17 years.

Australian shepherd

The Australian Shepherd or Aussie is a famous dog breed developed in the United States in the early 20th century. These dogs are the ultimate cute dogs with extremely high energy levels.

This is definitely not a breed Raising a dog for the first timeAnd they need an experienced dog owner who has an active outdoor life or has enough time to keep the dog active and exhausted.

They have strong grazing and guarding instincts. Because they are very smart, they will try to be the leader of their masters, so they should not be trained lightly.

In order to consume energy, the Australian Shepherd needs Trained every day.

So far, the Australian has recorded a jump height of 4 feet and is often a champion in agility.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd lovers know that there is nothing this dog can’t perform. From jumping to running, this breed is like the ultimate dog warrior.

The German Shepherd was bred to help the farm work and was saved from extinction due to its skills in military operations. They are the perfect family pet, an excellent watchdog, and the above-average athletic ability that can chase anything and grab it.

Because the German Shepherd is easy Joint and hip problems They must be provided with enough exercise and help them have strong joints for as long as possible.

When they have work to do, they can easily get bored and thrive. Originated in Germany, German Shepherd Any fence that is 4-6 feet tall on average can be skipped. On average, their life span is between 9 and 13 years.

They are also called heavy-duty shedders, so make sure you learn how to reduce them Fall off The more the better.


Little known, but the Rottweiler is an excellent jumper. They are powerful watchdogs and one of the oldest dog breeds in existence.

Since Roman times, they have been watchdogs, acting as guard animals, cattle ranchers, and property protectors.

Even today, they are often employed by special forces to help search and rescue. In the hands of the right owner, this breed is alert, fearless, and obedient.

This is definitely not a breed Inexperienced Dow Jones owner And it can only flourish under the leadership of experienced owners.

Rottweilers are easy to train, but they are not as athletic as other breeds—however, they can jump up to 3 feet. The life span of this German breed is usually between 8 and 10 years.


Originally from Hungary, Vizsla is a breed known for its excellent hunting and sports skills. They are sweet, loyal, Easy to train.

If you have some work outside of work, they will always be by your side. They are well-trained and are now mainly busy as domestic pets.

Vizra The owner will tell you that these dogs are very active, like outdoor activities, and like to run through various obstacles. They can jump up to 6 feet and usually live for 12 to 15 years.

Is jumping harmful to dogs?

There are more varieties of good jumpers, but these listed above are the best. Last but not least is to know how much your dog can jump – and how much.

Talk to your veterinarian to better understand how your dog’s body is constructed and how it functions perfectly. First of all, you should know that puppies should be trained after they are more than 15 months old.

This is because the limbs and muscles of the puppies are still developing. They have growth plates-pieces of cartilage at the ends of the bones.

Because their growth plates are softer, they are more susceptible to injury and only harden after about a year. In addition, certain breeds can safely jump higher than others.

Certain breeds, such as Dachshunds, have uneven ratios of legs to spine and are more likely to injure the back when jumping. Therefore, always choose to safely train your dog for any type of jump.

Where your dog jumps is still important. For example, hardwood floors will make your dog’s legs bear the brunt.

Always choose to train your dog on the mat or outdoors.Dogs can develop from too much jumping arthritis.

If you do not train your dog to jump, but he likes to jump, please talk to a professional dog trainer to learn how to stop your dog from doing this exercise.

Remember, dogs sometimes jump up to get your attention.