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DUTA Technology debuts C-UAV system

WOLF (Counter Drone Solutions).

South Korea’s DUTA Technology – a growing company specializing in wireless communications, special antennas, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data links and counter-UAV (C-UAV) systems – is highlighting its proprietary C-UAV solutions, Focus on Thailand and Southeast Asia market.

DUTA Technology’s C-UAV product portfolio includes a complete range of fixed and portable systems that perform a full range of detection, identification and neutralization measures to prevent unlawful drone flight in protected airspace. These center on soft-kill capabilities that disrupt communications and force an intruding drone to land or use its return-to-launch (RTL) capability.

“We have products that are easy to carry, products that can be installed in vehicles and buildings, and can be jammed from all directions,” the company told D&S Bilingual Exhibition DailyNoting that its jammer solutions have been provided to top organizations such as South Korean government agencies and the National Police Agency.

It has prepared three C-UAV products for Thailand Defence and Security 2022: the portable WILDCAT and PUMA, and the handheld WOLF. These are designed to disrupt L-band (GNSS), S-band (2.4GHz) and C-band (5.8GHz) channels. Especially in the case of WILDCAT II, ​​interference in the UHF band (900MHz) is possible.

The first product, WILDCAT, weighs approximately 2.2 lbs (1 kg) and is designed for portability and ease of operation, especially for mobile applications such as police officers or VIP protection services. The latest PUMA systems can also be mounted on vehicles or buildings, providing a full 360-degree jamming capability. The latter can be controlled remotely via the included tablet.

In contrast, the WOLF is a handheld jammer – with a rifle-like shape – suitable for protecting military installations with medium to long-range jamming ranges.

At present, many drone-based terrorist activities are regularly taking place in a few places. To prevent them, military and government agencies are preparing each country’s defense and security systems.

company told D&S Bilingual Exhibition Daily It hopes to meet the emerging needs of the police and military in Southeast Asia, including countries such as Thailand and the Philippines.

“us [have] It was found that there is some demand from the Thai police for our anti-drone solution,” it said. “We are also very interested in the Southeast Asian market and would like to bid. “

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