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Easy-to-read books for kids – our favorites

simple children's books

I’m back today to share one of my favorite things: books! Here's a collection of our favorite “easy reads” for children, favorites that bring joy and laughter and are books that kids (and adults!) come back to again and again. It’s no secret that our family loves to read, we always read aloud (or twice!) before bed and you’ll find stacks of books all over our house. Just the way we like it! I tend to choose classic books that are gentle and stand the test of time. We love a good “old book,” but more importantly, it nourishes a child's imagination and brings joy without the side effects of unnecessary humor or bad attitudes. There are too many beautiful books in the world to waste time on. I love filling their heads and thoughts with beautiful thoughts and beautiful imagery, filled with wonder, kindness, and kindness! In particular, these children's books linked to in this article are very informative and very good, and in my opinion, they are definitely must-reads for all children and should not be missed!

Simple books for children

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In list form:
frogs and toads (complete set)
bear (complete set)
Amelia Bedelia (Works by Peggy Parish)
Mouse Soup (link here)
Uncle Elephant (connected)
Grasshopper on the road (connected)
Mouse Story (connected)
George and Martha (complete set)
Henry and March (complete set)

They're kind, gentle, sweet, and hilarious – something kids and adults alike enjoy time and time again! Anything you want to add?

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