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EnerGeo Alliance Urges Administration to Release Gulf of

Houston, TX, U.S., July 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The EnerGeo Alliance today issued the following statement from its President, Nikki Martin regarding the Biden Administration’s announcement releasing the “Proposed Program” for the National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program (National OCS Program) for years 2023-2028.

“The Administration’s release of a significantly reduced proposed five-year offshore oil and gas lease program demonstrates a lack of concern for the nation’s future energy security and access to the energy which ensures citizens’ well‐being as the industry works to accelerate the energy evolution. It is critical a final Leasing Program provides a clear pathway to develop the affordable and reliable energy sources for growing U.S. demand and to fulfill the President’s promise to nations who are seeking replacement of energy sources spurred by the current geopolitical volatility.

“We encourage the Administration to expeditiously work to finalize a Leasing Program that encourages continued energy production which has put millions of Americans to work, generated billions of dollars in revenue for federal and state governments and put downward pressure on prices for consumers – notably, allowing citizens with the least means to access the benefits of low energy costs, all the while reducing emissions. Growing U.S. production had also dramatically increased the nation’s resistance to energy market shocks, but the…

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