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The National Museum of Australia officially launched an exhibition on April 13 to celebrate the history of cycling in Australia Do whatever you want: cycling in AustraliaThe exhibition has been touring in Australia since November 2014, and this is the last location of the tour.

It is an honor to have Paralympic cyclist Michael Milton and Pedal Power ACT’s Gillian Helyar as speakers at the conference. Michael and Gillian, together with NMA Director Dr. Mathew Trinca, and curator Catriona Donnelly, enjoyed the preview of the exhibition.

For more than 140 years, cycling has shaped the lives of Australians. We ride our bikes to school, work and visit friends; ride them across the continent and race around the world. This exhibition tells the story of cycling in Australia and invites you to think about how this simple, affordable machine shapes our lives and the possibilities it still offers for the future.

Ten themes explore different bicycles and riding styles, and introduce some people whose lives have changed due to bicycles. The exhibition focuses on the thrills and dangers of early pennies, the revolution of chain-driven “safe” bicycles, the aerodynamic efficiency of racing recumbents, the BMX logo of the 1980s, mountain biking off-road, long-distance long-distance trips, the fun of learning to ride a bicycle, and of course There are racing cars. Since the 1890s, Australian racing drivers have been hot on the highest level of tarmac at home and abroad. This long history is an important feature of this exhibition.

In addition to bicycles, the exhibition also displayed various bicycle-related items, including medals, trophies, sweatshirts, helmets, posters and clothing. It also has wonderful pictures and movies about various bicycles.

The exhibition includes items from Tour de France champion Cadel Evans, long distance legend Hubert Opperman, BMX racer Caroline Buchanan, cycling journalist Jim Trail, and disabled bicycle champions Sue Powell and Michael Milton. There are also stories and objects from little-known but equally inspiring cyclists, such as Canberra’s own long-distance recumbent rider Peter Heal and former Pedal Power cycling organizer Greg Cunningham.

Do whatever you want: cycling in Australia It was exhibited at the National Museum of Australia from April 13, 2017 to July 9, 2017. Admission by way of donation.

Featured image: Curator Catriona Donnelly and Gillian Helyar talk about her cycling experience in Paris-Brest-Paris randonnée.Photo: George Silas

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