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Exercise this season to keep you healthy

Now that the weather is getting significantly colder, people are tempted to give up outdoor sports. Who wants to go somewhere cold when they can sit indoors and feel cozy and warm? However, staying active during the winter can really help boost your mood and avoid the common weight gain trap that many people fall into due to inactivity during cold weather. I’ll have an extra treat during the colder months!

To give you a little motivation, we're sharing some of the best exercises you can do when the weather gets colder.


By far one of the best sports you can do in the winter is skiing.This is a great family friendly activity Everyone will love it. Not only is skiing a great form of exercise, it's also fun. So when you do this, you don't even feel like you're exercising.

There may not be much snow in the UK, but there are plenty of dedicated indoor ski centres. You don’t even need to invest in any equipment as centers usually have equipment available for rent.
You can also venture further from home.If you're visiting a great location like Geneva, you can easily get there from Geneva to Morzine. Morzine is a super popular ski resort that the whole family can enjoy!


Tennis is an excellent sport with numerous fitness benefits. The dynamic nature of the sport, which includes fast sprints, quick changes of direction, and explosive movements, makes it an excellent cardiovascular exercise for building endurance and agility. The continuous motion of pulling and chasing the ball around the court helps improve lower and upper body strength, especially the legs, arms, and grab your tennis racket And head to court!


Another fun winter activity you can sign up for is hockey. If you want to really fit in with the wintry theme, a hockey puck is a great choice. However, if you prefer something less risky, you can also try roller hockey!

Hockey is a great family activity and there are many centers across the UK where you can sign up.You may want to buy your own hockey equipment from a store e.g. Proline skates If you do take up the sport.

ice skating

Following the icy theme, ice skating is also a very popular winter activity.Especially as Christmas approaches, it starts to become popular and many shopping malls Indoor and outdoor ice rinks available.

With this activity, you can choose to go at a leisurely pace and pay for an hour on the rink. Alternatively, you can book a lesson for you and your family to ensure you can skate safely on the ice.

These are just three different exercises you can do once the cold weather arrives. You might be surprised by how much fun these activities can be. Check your local area to find out where your nearest indoor sports center is and the types of activities they offer during the winter.

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