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Groomit Fur and Skin Care Guide

With their silky, floor-length coat and lively personality, Yorkshire Terriers are truly charming dogs. But maintaining their attractive appearance requires dedication and proper care. This guide provides you with the knowledge and tools to maintain the health of your Yorkie's coat and skin, while highlighting the expert services provided by Groomit.

Brushing teeth and beauty:

Daily Grooming: Long-haired Yorkshire terriers require daily grooming to prevent tangles. Use a wide-tooth comb first, then a slicker brush to smooth and distribute the oil. Shorter styles may require brushing every other day.
Gentle tips: Be patient and avoid pulling on the mat. Gently detangle section by section.
The right tool: Use a high-quality brush designed for fine fur. Groomit can recommend specific brushes and combs based on the length and texture of your Yorkie's coat.

Bath time happiness:

Less is more: Over-bathing can dry out your skin. Aim to clean every 3-4 weeks or when visibly soiled.
Be Shampoo Smart: Choose a mild, dog-specific formula. Consider using a whitening shampoo to enhance their coat color. Groomit offers the perfect selection for Yorkies, catering for sensitive skin and specific needs.
Conditioning Care: Light conditioner keeps coat soft and manageable. Groomit can recommend the ideal conditioner for your Yorkie's unique coat.

Beyond the basics:

Tear-stained eyes: Tear stains are common. Wipe daily with a damp cloth and consider using tear stain remover. Groomit offers tear stain removal treatments as part of its beauty services.
Early Ear Care: Clean your ears weekly with a mild ear wipe or solution to prevent infection. Groomit can recommend suitable options.
Trim your nails: It is crucial to trim your nails regularly. If you're unsure, let Groomit's experienced groomers handle it safely and professionally.

Groomit: Your Yorkie’s Pampering Partner:

Maintaining your Yorkie's luxurious appearance can be time-consuming. This is where Groomit comes in. Their experienced groomers are equipped with top-quality products and gentle techniques to meet all of your Yorkshire Terrier's needs:

Spa Day Care: Full-service grooming services include expert baths, haircuts, brushing, nail trimming and ear cleaning, all tailored to your Yorkshire Terrier’s individual needs.
Expert Guidance: Their knowledgeable staff can guide you through the proper home care routine and recommend appropriate products.

Convenience and peace of mind: Let Groomit take care of you while you enjoy quality time with your furry friend.

remember: Healthy coat and skin reflect a happy dog. By following these tips and leveraging Groomit's expertise, you can ensure your Yorkie is full of confidence and style!

Extra tips: Please visit Gromit's website or make an appointment to discuss their special Yorkie packages and pampering options!

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