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Harris announces $25 million for voting rights

Vice President Kamala Harris announced the expansion of a $25 million “I will vote” initiative because the Democrats want to crack down on new Republican-backed voting restrictions imposed in states such as Arizona and Georgia.

NBC report The money will be used to educate voters and build DNC’s largest protection team. The funds will also be used to create a large technical team that will use data to contact people affected by restrictive voting measures or who have been removed from the voter roll.

“The foundation of this sport is the belief that everyone’s vote is important,” Harris said. She is expected to announce the news on Thursday at her alma mater, Howard University, a black university with a long history. “This is about all voters, whether you are a Democrat or not. We want to help you vote, and we want to make sure that your vote is counted.”

President Joe Biden warned that compared with “Jim Crow,” new restrictive laws in states such as Georgia have attacked voting rights. The new Georgia law requires a photo ID to vote. The new law also reduces the number of votes cast in Georgia’s most populous county from 98 to 23.

A new Arizona law recently upheld by the Supreme Court could Clear As many as 125,000 to 150,000 voters.

The People’s Bill aims to expand early and mail voting and make campaign contributions more transparent. The Democratic Party is also seeking to pass a similar bill called the John Lewis Voting Promotion Act.

“Your vote is your power. Don’t let anyone take your power. We won’t let anyone take our power.” Harris says.

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