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Help and inspire small business entrepreneurs across the United States

Marketing Podcast with Zach Lezberg

In this episode Tape Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Zach Lezberg.Zac is Founder and CEO of The Show Producers, Small Business Expo, eComCon, ShowBiz Expo, and Small Business University.

Key points:

The Small Business Expo aims to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. This is a huge party. The event allowed thousands of small business owners to gather in each city to establish connections, establish business relationships, and find new suppliers that can help their business develop-from salary services to legal assistance, to accounting services or office space , Social media helps search engine optimization services, wait for it, it’s there.

The Small Business Expo held events in more than 45 cities across the country, established a community that supports the development of small businesses, and brought people from all over the United States together. In this episode, I discussed with Zach Lezberg, the founder of the event, how he built such a strong small business community and the state of small businesses in 2021.

Questions I asked Zach Lezberg:

  • [0:53] What is a traditional small business fair like?
  • [2:22] Would you say you learned something valuable about making a virtual small business fair?
  • [3:13] Are there some virtual elements that you have to do that you will continue to do because people really like this aspect?
  • [4:08] So you are now turning to live performances-are there elements in live performances that you don’t think you can imitate virtually?
  • [5:47] How do you build a strong community, like cheering for you when you come back?
  • [6:44] As a small business with a limited budget, what is your most effective way to fill these problems?
  • [7:43] What will your event provide for those who are afraid to take a big step, and what does participation in such an event inspire that person to do?
  • [9:32] What key things have you seen that may have appeared in the crazy year of the past?
  • [12:36] For small businesses, where is the happy medium between advertising and word of mouth?
  • [15:03] What will your Expo series look like for the rest of 2021?

More information about Zach Leizberger:

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