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Here’s how you shop and pay with QR Ph!

Customers of Home Credit can use QR Ph to pay for their credit card and Qwarta purchases

There is no doubt that Filipinos love to shop, be it in malls, online stores, or even e-commerce platforms. It’s our way of rewarding ourselves when we achieve something or want to simply express our gratitude to our family, friends, or loved ones.

While shopping can be fun and therapeutic, we can’t deny that counting money while waiting in a long queue in public can be quite the opposite. The same goes for filling out overly long forms when paying for your online purchases. We want to shop in the most convenient and safe way possible.

The use of digital payment methods such as online bank transfers, e-wallets, and QR codes when paying shopping bills, utility bills, etc., has been increasingly seen and patronized by Filipino consumers over the past few years. These also help businesses keep information securely, access accurate information and gain real-time visibility into their funds.

Thanks to retaliatory spending, Filipinos have invested more in buying the items they need or want — shopping should be fast, safe and convenient. With push QR Ph, the national QR code standard introduced by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Filipinos can instantly send and receive money using online banking or e-wallets by sharing or scanning their QR code.

QR Ph is considered a safe and secure payment method for shoppers and merchants. It provides multiple layers of security, allowing customers to control the process by scanning a code without providing personal information such as a PIN.

Using their mobile phones, Filipinos can generate QR codes from their electronic accounts to make payments. Merchants, on the other hand, can provide a QR code of their store for customers to scan on their mobile phones.

The use of QR Ph enables more consumers and businesses to participate in the digital payment ecosystem, starting with MSMEs and suppliers such as sari Shops and tricycle drivers who will ultimately help them improve and grow their business.

Home Credit supports QR Ph

Video on how to shop and pay with QR Ph!

Home Credit was the first non-bank institution in the country to issue credit cards to customers. Its partnership with Asia Union Bank (AUB), which enables Home Credit cardholders to make cardless payments by using quick response or QR codes, is also a pioneer in QR code payment services. With QR Ph Person-to-Merchant (P2M) payment capabilities, its account holders have access to 473,000 participating merchants across the country, including retail stores, grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and more.

Through the My Home Credit app, account holders can pay for purchases in all partner stores led by GCash and Maya simply by scanning the QR Ph code displayed, paving the way for cashless and convenient transaction payment methods. In the My Home Credit app only, all transactions will be automatically credited to the Home Credit Card or Qwarta, and can also be checked and tracked via the mobile app.

Over 9 million My Home Credit app users can use their mobile devices to simply scan a QR Ph code displayed at any merchant establishment for goods and services, making it a faster, easier and safer payment option.

Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Philippine government Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP). To know more about the latest updates of Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website You can also follow them on their official Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts.

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