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Hong Kong bans flights from the UK to Delta COVID Variant

The authorities said that in view of the “recent rebound” of the epidemic and the “widespread delta mutant virus strain” in the UK, they have upgraded their anti-epidemic measures.

The Hong Kong government added that the city has also recorded some cases of the L452R strain from the British, which is a Delta-related mutation.

The city confirmed the first local Covid case involving the Delta variant last week, ending the record of zero local cases for 16 consecutive days.

British authorities stated that the Delta variant has become the main strain of coronavirus in their territory.

The UK was originally scheduled to fully relax restrictions on June 21, but the emergence of this variant has led to the expansion of social distancing rules.

Hong Kong has banned flights from several other countries because of the increasing number of cases and the prominent epidemic. ΔStrain, Including the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

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