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Hong Kong officials stabbed by “lone wolf” attackers

The 28-year-old male police officer was punctured in his lungs and underwent surgery overnight.

“Preliminary investigations have shown that this is a lone wolf-style act of domestic terrorism,” Chris Tang, the former Commissioner of Police, who was promoted to chief of the Hong Kong Security Bureau last week, told reporters outside the hospital where the police officers were taken.

Tang said that the police later searched the attacker’s home and found material on his computer indicating that he had been “radicalized”, but he did not elaborate further.

Tang added: “This incident not only requires the perpetrators to be held accountable, but also many people who are used to advocating violence, inciting hatred of the country, and glorifying these attacks – these violent acts.

Hong Kong has become a polarized city, and many residents are dissatisfied with Beijing’s increasingly authoritarian rule.

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