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Hong Kong sues Tiananmen vigil organizer for sedition

“We learned that Zhou Hengdong was arrested near her room around 5 this afternoon,” Zhou’s relatives and friends told reporters.

Superintendent Chen Zhichang stated that Zhou was also arrested for inciting others to participate in an unauthorized assembly on July 1, but declined to give more details.

He said she will be taken to the district court on Friday.

The arrest and prosecution will take place on July 1, the second anniversary of the city’s transfer from the UK to China and Centenary of the Communist PartyAccording to local media reports, 10,000 police officers are expected to be deployed in Hong Kong to prevent any public gatherings that violate the pandemic restrictions.

On March 1, July 1, marking the 24th anniversary of the handover, Zhou was the legal representative of three democratic groups and appealed the police ban.

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