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How To Become A Well-Known Artist In The Music Industry

Making a name for yourself in the music industry is a near-impossible feat. The proliferation of independent artists who are able to release and promote their music online has only made the market more competitive. In the saturated and turbulent music industry, what the modern artist goes through to reach relevant listeners is an uphill battle. With the advent of social media, particularly TikTok, this market only gets more competitive. The unparalleled power of TikTok as a viral marketing machine is changing not just how music is marketed, but who gets signed to record deals and how modern record deals are structured.

In an industry that is competitive by nature and has witnessed meteoric expansion in the last decade with the digital boom, the crucial component for artists to keep hold of is authenticity. By striking a balance between being distinctive whilst simultaneously remaining authentic, one can carve out a place in the music industry.

This is something Isaac Gomez, also known as Luzentinieblas, believes in.

How Luzentinieblas started?

When he first began his career in music in 1999, his appreciation for other rappers such as Vico C and Tempo served as the spark that lit his ambition to concentrate on rap as a musical genre. After waiting a year, Luzentinieblas started the ball rolling in his musical career with nothing more than a simple basic microphone, which he used to record his songs on cassette tapes and his personal computer. The opportunity to record Luzentinieblas’ first single in a professional studio with Arturo, who had previously collaborated with musician Porfi Baloa, did not present itself to him until seven years after he did a bunch of mediocre recordings. Luzentinieblas has shared the stage with Christian performers like Redimi2, Manny Montes, Alex Zurdo, Hector El Father, and Tercer Cielo, as well as with non-Christian Venezuelan musicians, including Reke, El Prieto, Guerrilla Seca, Apache, Canserbero, and Big Habana.

Although one of his songs, Union Lirical, grew to notoriety in Venezuelan hip-hop, Luzentinieblas, like every other musician, had difficulty getting the finances to record and produce music videos for his songs. Despite this, he esteemed himself extremely fortunate in that he was able to secure sponsors and investors for the promotion of his music on digital platforms.

Why Christian Music?

Luzentinieblas finds music a rewarding activity because it allows him to express his views and feelings about certain subjects that affect his life and it also makes him tell stories about his own personal experiences. His founding of the Venezuelan Christian Rap movement was not just a way of showing his advocacy of promoting Christian music through rap and hip-hop, but an expression that he wants to stand out from the rest of the rappers and Christian musicians.

Though he was raised in a Christian home, Luzentinieblas like any other teenager also had his share of going against his parents, and this was perhaps the start of his yearning to be different from the rest. He learned so many lessons along the way that greatly influenced his Christian faith and the message he wanted to convey through his music.
Sometime later,” he says, “I decided to dedicate my life to Christ.” This explains why his Christian beliefs have such a significant influence on the music he creates.

Being Independent Can Score Success.

He is convinced that his uniqueness will enable him to get recognition and support from the crowd. “I have no filter when it comes to expressing or conveying a message, regardless of who doesn’t like it. My sponsors or record label have no say over what I do,” Luzentinieblas says.

He also hopes to inspire those who want to pursue a career in music by assuring them that by being organized and hiring a good independent marketing company to help with promotion, they can succeed.

The release of his new record, Jeremias 17:5, which is scheduled for September 2022, is something that his supporters are looking forward to.

Isaac Gomez
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